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With the 2018 midterm election just a few months away, primary races are happening all over the country. One of those races we are closely watching is the United States Senate race in Massachusetts. Whichever Republican wins the primary in September 4th will go on to challenge Elizabeth Warren in the general election in November. Beth Lindstrom hopes to be the candidate facing Warren. In fact, if Lindstrom wins her primary, she will be the first Republican woman to run for United States Senate in Massachusetts. We had the privilege to talk with Lindstrom about the Senate race, being a Republican woman, and the possibility of challenging Elizabeth Warren. Below is our exchange:

What change do you hope to bring to the United States Senate? What sets your campaign apart?

I hope to be a bridge builder in the U.S. Senate. One of the major issues our country faces, perhaps the major issue, is not a policy issue, but a character issue: our politicians have lost the ability to work together. Our current U. S. Senator, through her rhetoric and her actions, has shown that she is more about her personal presidential ambitions and the far left of our country than about getting things done for the people of Massachusetts. I would go to the Senate with strong beliefs in our freedoms and in our laws and work with whomever was willing to promote those freedoms and enforce those laws–a trait that I don’t believe either our current Senator or my current Republican opponent have.

We’re seeing a record breaking year for women running for office this year. While the media and the left tend to focus on the liberal women running, there is also an increase of Republican women running for office too. What advice would you give to a Republican woman who is thinking of taking the plunge and running for office?

We need you! There are not nearly enough women legislators in general (only 21 total in the Senate), but there is a particular gap on the Republican side as there are only six female Republican Senators currently in office.  The electorate does better with diversity of opinion. The Democrats like to use these numbers to claim that they are the party for women, but that need not be the case! I would love to be an example of a woman who has both strong conservative beliefs and strong beliefs in the rights of women.  I hope that a wave of other strong Republican women is coming in the future.

If you win the primary, you’ll be facing Elizabeth Warren in the general election. We see men run against each other in races all the time, but two women running against each other is still pretty rare. How do you think the dynamic would be different in a race between two women of different ideologies?

I believe that it would be fantastic and informative.  Not only would it be super empowering for women, young and old, to see two females contending for one of the highest positions in our country, but it would be a chance to move beyond gender and really focus on the issues. When Senator Warren ran against former Senator Scott Brown, she used her gender as a huge divider between the two of them, claiming that Senator Brown would not support women’s rights in the same way that she would. While I disagree with that stance, I know that against me, she could not factually make that claim. This would result in being able to focus on issues important to all of the people of Massachusetts: issues like lifting taxes and regulations from small businesses, fighting the opioid crisis in our state, ensuring veterans have their needs met and helping law enforcement do their jobs.

What advice would you have to the next generation of Republican women who are just breaking into the scene and ready to make a difference via political involvement in their communities – whether it’s working on a campaign, organization, etc.?

You need to get out there and get involved. It is important to start to create relationships. My first steps in politics were behind the scenes.  People need to see you, your work and related results. I worked my way up to become first woman Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party, worked as the first female Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery, and in Governor Mitt Romney’s cabinet as Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.  In all those roles, I worked hard, earned respect of those around me and acquired new skills that enabled me to step out from behind the scenes and run for office. I would encourage anybody who is interested in potentially being a candidate one day, or even who is just interested in the political world, to find some way to get involved in that world as soon as possible. To top it off – if I win my male-dominated primary, I will be the first Republican woman to run for US Senate in Massachusetts.

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How can our readers find out more and get involved in your campaign?

First, you can learn more about me by visiting my website.  Next, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We are always looking for more volunteers and people to spread our message.   There are so many different ways that you can contribute your talents. We need people to make voter I.D. calls, knock on doors, spread the message via social media, organize and attend events, and so much more.  Second, once you are involved you will see the value of creating relationships and being associated with what has the propensity to be a historical and a nationally recognized campaign . If you’re interested, I promise that we will find a way to utilize your particular skill set, find you something with which you would be comfortable and ensure the beginning steps of active political involvement.

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