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New York City isn’t known for being a bastion of conservative thought these days. Part of that lies with it’s very liberal, outspoken mayor Bill de Blasio. However, if Nicole Malliotakis has her way come November, New York City will get back on the right track – pun intended. Bill de Blasio is up for re-election this November and he’s going to be facing off against Nicole Malliotakis this November. She is the first Republican woman to run for New York City mayor. Let’s take a look at this woman who’s going to be getting a lot more press in the coming months.

At only 36 years old, Nicole Malliotakis is current an assemblywoman in the state of New York. She was elected in 2010, just before her 30th birthday. Malliotakis is the daughter of two immigrants to the US. Her father is from Greece. Her mother from the Cuban dictatorship under Fidel Castro. They started a small business to support their family in New York. Malliotakis’ undergraduate degree in communications is from Seton Hall University and her business degree is from Wagner College. She grew up attending New York public schools, which has made her passionate about their reform.

On the topic of the 2016 election, Malliotakis intitally supported Marco Rubio. She was the New York State chair of his campaign, but voted for Donald Trump in the general election. In a recent interview,
“I do disagree with some of the policies the president has proposed. But I’m looking to be the mayor of New York City. I’m not looking to fight the national ideological war like our current mayor is.” 

While incumbent Bill de Blasio is currently polling higher than Malliotakis, we know better than to count anyone out before the votes have been counted. As of recent, de Blasio was beating Malliotakis in the polls 57 to 22. This was in July, and the general election isn’t until November. In the meantime, Malliotakis will not doubt be working on getting her name out there and spreading the message of conservatism to her constituents.

Here is where Nicole Malliotakis stands on the issues, according to her website:


Nicole wants to cut the bureaucracy at the Department of Education so more funding gets to the classroom, where it belongs! Nicole is also a supporter of school choice and believes there is room in our city for all schools- public, private, parochial and charter.

Jobs and the Economy

Among her priorities, Nicole wants to see the permitting process for new businesses streamlined, the commercial rent tax adjusted to exempt smaller businesses already facing skyrocketing rents, and reforming the way fines and penalties are issued to give businesses a chance to correct minor violations that do not pose a safety risk. Nicole also believes the city should be investing in more vocational training opportunities, so that those who choose not to attend college can obtain a life skill, get them off minimum wage, and build a career in which they can support themselves and their families.


Instead of being proactive about providing opportunities to help transition individuals out of the shelter system and addressing some of the underlying issues of homelessness like substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, or lack of employment, Bill de Blasio is proposing to build 90 homeless shelters across the city in our neighborhoods. Nicole rejects the idea of trying to hide the problem in your backyard.  She will address the root cause of homelessness and get homeless families the help they need and instead of building homeless shelters that trap people in a rotating door, she will use funds to build supportive and affordable housing.


Nicole has voted AGAINST tax and fee increases over 300 times, for a total of over $20 billion and has voted for tax CUTS over 60 times, for a total of nearly $10 billion. Nicole is a fiscal conservative who will watch over tax dollars wisely.  Our state government in Albany is currently restrained by a spending cap, and Nicole will implement the same restraint in New York City. Instead of throwing more money at problems, Nicole will reconfigure how current funding is being spent to maximize positive results.


As the daughter of immigrants, Nicole understands the promise of the American Dream and has advocated for Washington to fix the broken immigration system that has left so many in the shadows.  While Nicole will continue the immigration policy put in place by Mayor Ed Koch and continued through Mayor Bloomberg, Nicole has been leading the opposition against Bill de Blasio’s policy of protecting individuals who are here illegally and have committed crimes against other immigrants and citizens.


Malliotakis opposes Mayor de Blasio’s plan to close Rikers Island and build jails across the five boroughs. She believes the existing prison complex can be modernized and reformed to be a more humane environment that is safer for both inmates and officers. She also believes the case backlog in the justice system that has led to delays needs to be rectified to provide the accused with the right to a speedy trial as protected under the Constitution of the United States.


Nicole would authorize the expansion of a property tax exemption for the city’s veterans and implement a requirement that a portion of city contracts be awarded to veteran-owned businesses. The disheartening issues of homelessness and suicide among veterans will be a priority of hers.

If you want to get involved in Nicole Malliotakis’ campaign, click here. 

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member