Surviving college as a conservative s as entertaining as it sounds. There are liberals trying to undermine us and tell us who they think we should be, there are other students who think socialism is the next best governing system, and there are faculty members who take every chance they have to throw some serious shade on conservatives.

We know the struggle and we can’t help but be unapologetically sassy with our reactions.


1) When you catch your professor looking at your ‘Big Government Sucks’ computer sticker:




2) When your professor plays a clip from a center right news source, attempts to make fun of whomever is speaking, and gets a laugh from the class:



3) When someone in the lecture says we need gun control to keep guns away from criminals:




4) When you answer a question in class based on your opinion and the girl in the very back of the classroom challenges you:




5)  When you become Facebook friends with one of your classmates and see them share pro-Hillary articles to their timeline:




6) …And then you find out that they have unfriended you:



7) Spotting the typical capitalist-hater, drinking a Starbucks, texting on an iPhone, while using a Macbook with a ‘Feel the Bern’ sticker on the front:




8) Overhearing classmates discussing how “Hillary would have made an incredible president.”:




9) When someone from your group project mentions their support for Obamacare:




10) And the debate in your public policy class gets a little too heated:



11) Finally, just when you think you’ve just had enough:


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Amanda M