What happened to the phrase ‘rise and shine?’ Nobody shines anymore since we are plagued with inefficiency. Social media, procrastination, and blatantly inefficient habits keep us all awake at night later than we are comfortable admitting. It seems that essentially everyone deems themselves as a night owl, but I challenge you to the practice of becoming a morning person and experiencing its various benefits. It is a given that the world’s early risers have more conventional displays of success and prioritize their days with more ease, but how can we with such fluctuating schedules develop the routine of becoming a morning person? Here are four methods to live by in order to make the most of your mornings.

Practice self-discipline

Self-discipline is one of the most sought-after self-care components. It allows us to seek what is important and accomplish it. Discipline is the root that allows us to branch out to more minute building blocks like time management and balance. If you can successfully schedule yourself to begin your days just a little earlier, you can train yourself in applying the same motives elsewhere. Holding yourself to a high standard is key when ensuring your busy days are structured with disciplined priorities.

Apply yourself to things that matter

As Ron Swanson said, do not half-give yourself to two things, but rather give yourself as a whole to one thing. Use this mindset to dedicate yourself to only the things that matter. Find the few things that truly matter to you and strive for them wholeheartedly. No one forces you to spend your time unwisely with diverting variables of life. Strong leaders do not let distraction be their weakness; they are essentially ‘working’ all the time to constitute the definition of hard work, achievement, and passion. Set a goal each morning, reach it, and set the bar higher for tomorrow.

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Restructure your priorities

Your number one priority should be you. When you are healthy, you are happy, and when you are happy, you are more inclined to adopt advantageous habits. I am not saying you need to wake up every morning and run a marathon, but understanding the way you physically begin your day is critical. Force yourself to do great things with a great attitude! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but to produce your best results, you need to be aware of your overall priorities and the first one should be you.

Inspire confidence and optimism

When I wake up early, I have time to focus on making the day more positive, beginning tasks with a fresh start, and prioritizing the remainder of the day. Positivity ultimately leads to more confidence. Nothing is more gratifying than waking up to a brand new day capable of taking one more step toward achieving your goals. As young women, it is vital that we are all striving toward incorporating lucrative habits to represent our own values with our best feet forward. Let’s live like the leaders we are and set an example for those future female leaders.

Personally, I love the morning. It signifies the start to a new day full of potential and possibilities to make yourself (and others) great. Aside from the personal satisfaction of awakening before the vast majority of the crowd, morning people have more productive habits. Your job may be 9-to-5 and your class may begin at 8, but your potential begins when you wake up.

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Kelly H