In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle Obama boldly stated that she believes “we are now feeling what not having hope feels like.”

Well, Mrs. Obama, I have to say I disagree with you. As for me, I will always have hope. Hope for myself, my family, and my country. My hope is not reliant on a campaign slogan or empty promises from a politician. I encourage you to lay your hope in more sustainable sources than politicians and government. We, as Americans, will always have an unlimited supply of hope when our promises of hope are built off faith and the foundations our nation was built upon.

Our first mistake as Americans is placing all of our hope in the hands of politicians. Hope is found in the One bigger than ourselves, not our elected officials. If we begin to turn away from the Originator of our faith, then we simply lack faith altogether. However, we have a choice here and I am confident that my fellow Americans who hold the same faith will choose to put God over politics and remember that things here on earth are temporary.

Hope is associated with eternal matters, not temporary conflicts. Your time with Christ will be eternal, your time living under a president or other elected official is not. When we focus our energy on temporary life placements, it can be very draining and unproductive in regard to our spiritual lives. But when we look at our lives through a larger lens, our hope is allowed to increase. Focus on the eternal, not the temporary.

One aspect of America that, though temporary, was made to last until the end of humanity is the Constitution of the United States of America. This document is what our great nation was founded on. Within it, we can find various promises for hope and a prosperous nation. This document holds truths that you cannot find in any other nation. It set the cornerstone for how our nation should operate and allows us to live in a constitutional republic. Countries all around the world lack certain freedoms, but in America, we have an abundance of personal liberties and freedoms. I do not advise you to place all of your hope into such an earthly thing such as the Constitution, but it is important to recognize this document as a symbol of hope for our country specifically – especially when there are people trying to undermine the hope we have.

In this nation, we are blessed with politicians who pledge to defend the Constitution and protect the personal liberties found within it. I have an abundance of hope in the promising emerging conservative leaders. I am encouraged that these individuals will protect the very document that formed our nation, including the liberties secured within it.

No, I have not run out of hope. And no, I never will. Not for my personal life, my family, or even my nation. Because I know America is the single greatest nation on earth. In this country, I am free to worship the God from which my faith and hope flow. As an American, I am guaranteed more personal liberties than anywhere else in the world. In this country, I have people willing to die to protect these aforementioned claims of liberty. And that alone is why I will never run out of hope as an American.

Alana B
FFL Contributor
Alana is an undergraduate student at Washington State University studying communications. She aspires to work in either journalism or communications and aims to empower young women to feel confident in sharing their political views. Her favorite things include Jesus, capitalism, politics, yoga, and traveling.

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