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Stop Bringing Politics Into Our Sports

Politics has never been more heated. What better way to escape the heat than with a sporting event? Many people use viewing or playing sports as an escape from the reality around us. Over the past few years, we have all seen a little bit of reality from the political [...]

Conservative Women, Stop Being Afraid To Defend Yourselves

Ladies, we have a problem. Republican and conservative women are the life and future of the party. How come so many of us are silent? Well, for starters, we’ve been bullied into silence. We’ve been told by society, politicians, and more frequently, by our peers, that women can’t be conservative. [...]

6 Best Crime Podcasts (That Aren’t Serial)

I love true crime. One of my parents worked in the criminal justice system so I’ve always been around crime stories. This casual dinner conversation sparked my interest in the learning about world of crime as a kid and I ended up graduating college with a degree in criminal justice. [...]

5 Guilty Pleasure Podcasts For The Girl In Her 20s

I love politics, but sometimes I need a break. There is nothing I love more than a good non-political podcast. I listen to podcasts when I get ready in the mornings, when I go on walks, when I’m driving to and from work, and sometimes even as I’m getting ready [...]

I’m A Conservative Feminist (Yes, We Exist)

How can a conservative woman be a feminist? We don’t fit into the mold of what a feminist is or what people typically deem as a feminist. How can I label myself, as a conservative woman, a feminist? It’s easy. I’m a person that believes women deserve the same rights, [...]

So You Want To Work In Politics?

I have a lot of friends who were political science majors who aren’t employed right now. There are a few reasons why. I did not get my degree in political science yet I walked out of college with a job in the political science field. I am here to help any [...]

13 Ways To Stay On Your Budget Every Month

I got my mind on the money and money on my mind...but not in the fun way. Money used to burn a hole in my pocket, but once I graduated and began to pay all of my bills, I became extremely money conscious. I have noticed that my frugality has [...]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Getting Fired Or Quitting A Job

I’ve noticed a recent trend on social media of ex-employee’s blasting their former employer, whether they were terminated or they quit. I have also noticed that employers and potential future employers are noticing this as well. Here are some words of advice to people who have been let go or [...]

Yes, I Am Privileged And So Are You

We live in the United States of America, but if you watched the news recently, you would think we were living under Sharia law with the amount of people saying we’re oppressed. What I think we oftentimes forget is how lucky we are to live in this country. I’m about [...]

30 Things I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving

In a time of negativity, let’s going into this holiday with a smile on our face.  Here are 30 things I'm thankful for:  The election being over because it needed to end before I lost years off my life. My family still loving me after this election cycle. College basketball [...]