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16 Cyber Monday Deals You Won’t Be Able To Resist

It's been a weekend full of shopping, and it's not over yet. Cyber Monday is full of your favorite brands or stores with serious discounts. The best part of it all? It's all online, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. Best. Day. Ever. Here are [...]

8 Elected Republican Women That Joined A Sorority In College

Which Republican women are repping your letters on Capitol Hill or in their Governor mansions? Lets get a break down of current Republican elected officials that are members of a Greek life. Since Carolyn B. Shelton, there have been 42 women to serve as a governor of a state in the United [...]

7 Shows Hulu Has That Netflix Doesn’t

Netflix or Hulu? Some of us might have the luxury of having both at our fingertips, but our loyalty lies with one or the other. They both offer things the other one doesn't. Here are 7 shows that you can only watch on Hulu:   1) The Mindy Project The [...]

If 2016 Presidential Candidates Were LOST Characters

Ah, LOST.  It has been too long since the best show ever ended.  We still get nostalgic and binge watch it on Netflix.  What if the 2016 candidates were on the Island?  WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!! Ben Carson Ben Carson and Daniel Faraday are the extremely intelligent and are [...]

Way Back Wednesday: Presidential Candidate Edition

Democrats Hillary Clinton   Martin O'Malley   Bernie Sanders   Jim Webb     Republicans Jeb Bush   Ben Carson   Chris Christe   Ted Cruz   Carly Fiorina   Lindsey Graham   Mike Huckabee   Bobby Jindal   John Kasich   George Pataki   Rand Paul   Rick Perry [...]

Most Conservative And Liberal College Majors

Art and Humanities Acting - 93% Liberal Arts - 84% Liberal General Writing - 88% Liberal Performing Arts - 87% Liberal Fashion Design - 83% Liberal Graphic Design - Liberal Music - 90% Liberal Photography - 79% Liberal Media Production - 83% Liberal   Business Accounting - 55% Conservative Economics - 77% [...]

2016 Republican Candidates As Dog Breeds

Rand Paul – German Shepherd Rand best resembles a German Shepherd. Both are bold and confident. Rand is never afraid to be a fighter when necessary. German Shepherds often let people know that they are in charge and alert with one single bark. Both are there to protect you if [...]