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5 Reasons To Join A Political Club On Your College Campus

Getting involved in a political club on campus can provide you with wonderful opportunities to grow and foster in your conservative values.   Here are five reasons why you should join a political club on your college campus. 1. The Education If you want to make a difference in politics [...]

Breaking Down The Recent Gun Control Votes

If you’ve been watching the news, you know that gun control has been a hot topic lately. In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, which killed 49 civilians, both Republicans and Democrats have been pushing different gun measures in attempt to prevent mass shootings. The senate voted on four [...]

7 Ways You Could End Up On The Terror Watch List

Democrats have recently been pushing for “No fly, no buy,” which means that if you are on the No Fly List, you cannot purchase a gun. Hillary Clinton has shown her support for the gun measure, stating, “If you are too dangerous to fly, you are too dangerous to buy [...]

Speaker Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan Is Everything

Our welfare system began about five decades under President Lyndon B. Johnson in attempt to fight a war on poverty. Many Democrats believe that in order to improve poverty conditions, we should throw more money into welfare programs to help the poor. For example, under President Barack Obama, welfare spending [...]

25 Crazy Ways The Government Spends Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars

WARNING: the following list may be shocking. Those with heart conditions and/or high blood pressure should take precautionary measures. Viewer discretion is advised. 1. Honey bees on cocaine: The National Institutes of Health gave the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana $242,600 to research effects of cocaine on honey bees. They came [...]

How My 7 Year Battle With Illness Shaped My Political Views

Imagine you’re 11 years old. You’re home sick from school for two days due to a cold that is topped with extreme dizziness, lightheaded, and fatigue. The cold eventually goes away, but the other symptoms don’t. Your head feels like a balloon filled with helium. Your muscles feel so weak [...]

8 Things Radical Feminists Don’t Want You To Know

Feminism is defined as the theory of political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Sadly, the actions of some radical American feminists do not match up with the definition of feminism. Third wave feminists claim to care about the equality of both genders yet fail to address the issues [...]

The Racist Agenda Of The Democratic Party Will Shock You

We have all heard the claims that the Republican Party is racist. People who believe this nonsense are in dire need of a history lesson. It's time to pin the tail on the donkey.  Not only does the Democratic Party have an extremely racist history, but its current policies are [...]

7 Ways To Offend A College Student (Not Like It Is Hard These Days)

We all know that on college campuses, the opinions of liberals are loud and clear. The Left’s agenda is constantly being pushed on college students. Cases of left-wing indoctrination are reported on a daily basis. When it comes to sharing conservative views on campus, liberal students won’t have it. College campuses [...]

An Open Letter To People Who Think Republicans Are Greedy

The dictionary definition of greed is “having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power.” Many Democrats mistakenly believe that Republicans are greedy. Nonetheless, there is truth in numbers and statistics which show that Democrats are substantially more greedy than Republicans. Hillary Clinton often uses [...]

Open Letter To Millennials: Enough With The Victim Mentality

As millennials, you are known for being a generation of narcissistic, spoiled brats who think they are entitled to everything. Growing up receiving participation trophies for last place probably did not help. The good news is that there is no reason for you to adhere to this pessimistic attitude! Here [...]

5 Things To Know Before Dating A Political Junkie

1. We never miss an opportunity to discuss politics   A lot of people are opposed to discussing controversial subjects among friends and family. They say you are not supposed to bring up politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. However, us political junkies think very differently. Do not be surprised [...]