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A Letter To My Significant Other: Thank You For Being You

To my significant other, “Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is [...]

9 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

Why is it that our biggest fear in life is that we’re turning into our mothers? They’re the women who raised us, nurtured us and guided us through everything we know about life. There will be too many signs, too many coincidences, and too many similarities. Maybe it’s genetics. Maybe [...]

6 Ways To Build A Great Credit Score

It is difficult to establish and maintain good credit after college, but before we can talk about how to improve your credit score, we have to figure out what goes into calculating your score. 35%: Payment History, Do you pay your bills on time? 30%: What you Owe, How much of [...]

14 Things To Know Before Getting Engaged

While love is a driving force, and it can cure all things, there are still many things that you should consider before taking that next step. Use this list as a starting point to help hit those hot-button topics. 1. Do you really love him, or do you [...]

15 Most Patriotic Songs To Jam To This 4th Of July

If you’re anything like me, July 4th is your favorite holiday. You love to rock out with your close family and friends, grill some good food and set off a few fireworks because, well, America. Nothing better accompanies grilling, sunscreen slathering, swimming, rib eating, kid chasing, Roman candle igniting and [...]

You Might Be A Democrat If…As Told By Mean Girls

1) You believe in freedom of speech except for anyone that dares to disagrees with you.   2) You believe that achieving a record low percentage of Americans working, and record high percentage of Americans on food stamps and other government assistance are indicators of a successful economic recovery model. [...]

You Might Be A Republican As Told By Grey’s Anatomy

1) You believe in the Constitution.  Caitlyn Jenner said it best.  There really is no extra explanation necessary.   2) Ronald Reagan is one of your favorite presidents. With so many great reasons to love Reagan, why wouldn’t he be your favorite president? He reduced unemployment, survived an assassination attempt, and was [...]

11 Signs You May Be Pro-Life

1.  You believe life begins at conception     2.  … and ends at natural death.     3.  You think abortions should be illegal.   4.  You believe in adoption.     5.  You love babies.     6.  You think that abortion removes personal responsibility and encourages bad [...]