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A Day In The Life Of A Service Dog Handler

November of 2016, I welcomed a new treatment plan into my life. She was a 9 week old Golden Retriever, so interested in this new world around her. It is important that society realizes that service dogs are not pets. They are life saving medical devices and deserve respect. I [...]

10 Ways To Avoid Being The Worst Roommate Ever

Not only is adjusting to college hard - but so is adjusting to life with a roommate - one that is not your sibling or family member.  You soon find that everyone has been raised differently.  Instead of using this as a source of hostility, let it be a learning [...]

Modern Feminism From A Conservative Point Of View

Feminism- once a well respected advocacy of women’s rights being equal to those of men. The first wave of feminism was handled gracefully. It focused on legal issues, mainly on gaining women’s suffrage, and promoted general women’s rights throughout the nation. Women fought for equality in a way that was [...]

How I Survive A Left Leaning Major As A Conservative

It is well known that the social sciences can stray left, rather than right. After attending a very liberal all female high school and surviving as a conservative, I felt like I could take on the world. Being in a liberal environment strengthened my views, but also let me see [...]

5 Ways To Stand Your Ground In A Liberal World

Always remember to stick to what you value most. Being surrounded by opposing views can be extremely tricky and staying true to what you believe in is imperative.   Remember that you are always right in a left wing environment. Society is becoming more and more liberal nowadays and us [...]