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I Am Thankful for The United States of America

This year, I noticed it has become more and more unpopular, even “offensive,” to express American patriotism. Kneeling for the National Anthem is now applauded as an act of courage, while chanting “USA” at sporting events is met with disdain because it is somehow not inclusive enough. According to a [...]

Practicing Catholicism In the Midst of Corruption In The Church

The past several weeks have been fraught with heinous revelations in the Catholic Church. In Pennsylvania, documents from a grand jury were released detailing cases of rape and sexual abuse by hundreds of priests and bishops, many of which seemed to have been covered up by leaders of the Church. [...]

12 Rules For The Conservative College Woman

With the beginning of a new school year approaching, I am consumed by the nostalgia of being 18 years old and thinking I was untouchable and had everything figured out. It took graduating college to realize I knew nothing, and I was a lot more fallible than I ever would have [...]

BOOK REVIEW: How To Live A Meaningful Life As Told By Jordan Peterson

Clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson, has received massive attention from the mainstream media and public eye as of late. He is perhaps best known for his outspoken "controversial" opposition to political correctness, identity politics, and Canada's anti-free speech laws. His new book, 12 Rules [...]

Yes, You Can Be Pro-Gun AND Pro-Life

In the spirit of the recent rise in popularity of gun control, I have been nose-deep in a vast amount of debates with many different viewpoints surrounding the Second Amendment for several weeks. The climate has been heated. My conservative stance makes me less-than-favorable to those with elevated emotions on [...]

10 Myths About Guns Spread During March For Our Lives

This past weekend, I curiously followed the various March for Our Lives events across the country to develop a general understanding of the types of policies these marchers were really advocating for. Unsurprisingly, I noticed a couple recurring themes. Most of the protesters' interviews, signs, and posts either lacked any [...]

There is No Virtue in Victimhood

Earlier this month, conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder was banned from speaking at DePaul University before he was even aware that Young Americans for Freedom invited him. The reason behind this decision? The administration claimed in a statement that Crowder's rhetoric didn't align with their "educational mission." This announcement [...]