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A Broke Girl’s Guide To Traveling On A Budget

Watching Instagram stories of your friends at the beach or by the pool can definitely have you itching to go on a vacation this summer. Maybe you've seen your favorite lifestyle blogger visit Maldives and it has you day dreaming of a glamorous vacation to somewhere new and different? How [...]

8 Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious

Caring about the environment tends to be associated with liberal and democratic ideologies. Why? Caring about the world we live in shouldn’t be a partisan issue. People of all ages tend to associate being environmentally conscious as one of two things: being an extreme hippie who doesn’t keep themselves clean, [...]

6 Things I’ve Learned From Having A Liberal Best Friend

Who says a conservative and a liberal can’t be best friends? Most people wouldn’t think so.  I wouldn’t trade my best friend — who is a liberal — for anything. I’m sure people think how can you have a best friend who has such different values than you? We may [...]

Your Ultimate Guide To Sorority Recruitment

I joined a sorority when I was a second semester freshman and am now beginning my senior year.  Sorority recruitment is a great time, but can also be extremely stressful - for both sides. While I go to a smaller school, our recruitment is a little different. However, many of the [...]

10 Inspiring Quotes From Female Leaders

There are so many women today that are the definition of female leaders. From journalists, to former first ladies and singers, these women are incredibly inspiring! Here are 10 women that have said or written some truly inspiring words. “When you are handed something instead of having to work for [...]

30 Essentials You Need For Your First Apartment

Moving from a dorm room to an apartment is a huge change, but can also be an exciting experience. Living in an apartment will make you feel independent and free from the hectic campus scene. However, you definitely need to buy more than you had to while living in the [...]

6 Ways To Boost Your Resume

While building your resume probably isn’t on your mind until at least your junior year of college, it’s important to be thinking about during all four years. Working throughout your college career to build your resume is only going to help you in the long run and will keep you [...]

7 Television Women We All Aspire To Be

During our free time, we love to browse and watch our favorite shows on Netflix.  Often times, we find ourselves aspiring to be some of our favorite female characters.  We notice their characteristics of independence, hardwork, and ambition.  Here are a few of those examples. 1) Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl [...]

6 Ways To Be More Politically Active This Year

It is officially 2016 and for many of us that means making New Year’s resolutions! Some of you may want to become more politically active this year, but are not really sure where to start. Here are 6 simple things that you can do throughout the year to be more [...]