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GIFT GUIDE: 10 Gifts Your Best Friends Will Love This Galentine’s Day

Famously coined by Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, on Parks & Recreation, “Galentine’s Day” is celebrated on February 13th to celebrate female friendship. On Parks & Rec, Leslie and her friends spend the day brunching and spending time with friends before a romantic Valentine’s Day with their significant others. This [...]

5 Conservative Women Running for Office In 2018

Without a doubt, the future is female. Empowered women all over the country are making their mark on politics, but sites like The Cut only name Democratic or extremely progressive Republican women as “ones to watch.” A record number of women are running for office, according to Time Magazine, but [...]

10 Things To Do Before Starting Your Semester Long Internship

Almost all college students have one goal: that dream internship. Whether you find yourself in the office of a Congress-person, a political foundation or some other position of your dreams, you didn’t get there by accident, and you won’t stay there by accident. Especially when your internship is during a [...]

No, Thanksgiving Isn’t About Politics

Thanksgiving used to be about lots of food, seeing extended family members and being able to relax amidst the madness of fall. As with everything in 2017, though, the holiday has become about politics, specifically Trump. For a moment, let’s think about how ridiculous it is that we’ve made Thanksgiving, [...]

11 American Heroes To Know This Veteran’s Day

For some military veterans, the term “hero” isn’t something to be desired. Many will simply reply with, “I was just doing my job.” On Veteran’s Day every year, it’s important that we recognize the work that service men and women while “doing their jobs.” They have sacrificed so much for [...]

11 Key Take Aways From The Release Of The JFK Files

President Trump ordered the release of more than 2,800 files regarding President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The news of the release nearly broke the Internet this week in anticipation; the thought that maybe one of these files could seemingly change history was exciting and nerve-wracking. That said, we've [...]

A College Girl’s Guide To Success: 10 Habits To Adopt

College is a constant hustle between class, homework, extra-curricular activities, time with friends and maybe actually sleeping now and then. It can be really easy to over-commit yourself and find yourself absolutely losing your mind because you have too much going on. That said, there are also some essential life [...]

20 Fast Facts You Should Know About Breast Cancer

Many Americans don’t know all the facts about breast cancer. Here are twenty quick facts about the disease, which only make funding research that more crucial. As you’ve probably heard many times this month, 1 in 8 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, as reported by the American [...]

How To Support Women In Politics Without Ideological Conformity

One thing that both conservative and liberal feminists agree on is that they shouldn’t have to support women who are ideological opposites of them. After all, men don’t randomly support a man with opposite political views simply because he’s a man. Women are not just an ideologically identical interest group. [...]

A Girl’s Ultimate Guide To Studying Abroad

Even though our hearts bleed red, white and blue, studying outside the United States is an essential for any college girl boss. Whether you’re learning a foreign language like me or just want to experience a new culture, studying abroad is an unmatched personal experience. That said, there’s a lot [...]

7 Political News Shows To Supplement Your Political Education

Even though it’s tempting to keep your political obsession to Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to branch out of the social media bubble in order to form credible opinions. Watching political commentary or informational programming on television can be a start, but it’s equally important to not box yourself into [...]