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How to Have Compassion In An Era Of Political Polarization

It seems that everything is divisive nowadays - everything. From music to movies to football, nothing remains apolitical. The politics in this country become more hate-filled and polarizing each day. The opposite ends of the political spectrum loathe each other and silence the reasoned moderates who don’t. This day-in, day-out [...]

14 Political Buzzwords To Avoid

If you pay any amount of attention to politics, you have no doubt witnessed people on your own side who mean well, but damage the movement due to either their rudeness or their misrepresentation of both sides’ arguments. None of us want to be that person. If you strive to [...]

Scripture Sunday: 1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13 in The Bible is commonly known as “the love chapter.” It explains what love truly is and shows us how we can exhibit love toward everyone on a daily basis. If there is anything our culture needs now, it’s genuine, Godly love. In our polarizing political landscape, [...]

Your Guide To Each Of The Founding Fathers Contributions To America

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely devour little-known facts about the Constitutional era of American history and the founders of the United States. Sometimes, when you get caught up in stories such as Alexander Hamilton’s political rivalry with Aaron Burr or Thomas Jefferson’s fascination with France, it can be [...]

10 People Conservatives Can Be Grateful For This Year

As we wrap up 2017, here’s to the people who have helped keep our country great! Mia Love Representative Mia Love defies every stereotype. She’s a black, female, Mormon Republican from the state of Utah. Not only does she fly in the face of identity politics: she also steadfastly holds [...]

5 Logical Fallacies And The Ways The Left Uses Them

Throughout the course of the last year, I completed a study of formal and informal logic. The last unit of this course was devoted entirely to commonly used logical fallacies. One of my assignments was to give an example of each one of these fallacies. After I completed the assignment, [...]

The “isms” of Politics: What They Really Mean

Have you ever been confused by all the “isms” of politics – conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, socialism, Marxism, and numerous others? You’re not alone! This article will serve as a guide to help you understand each of these often misunderstood political philosophies. Conservatism – Dictionary Definition: “a political philosophy based on [...]

5 Ways To Get Politically Involved In High School

It can be difficult to find ways to further your political involvement while still in high school. Most internships and political organizations are geared only toward college students and graduates, which can be frustrating if you are a high school student with a passion for politics. There are ways your [...]

4 News And Commentary Shows That Fox News Should Pick Up

It’s no secret that many conservative politicos are a little addicted to Fox News. From “Fox and Friends” to “The Five” to “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” Fox already has tons of awesome shows – but these are four new ideas that might make the channel even better.  West Wing News [...]