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7 Things Every Bride Wants You To Know

Tis the season - the wedding season that is! It’s about that time of year to start gearing up for the spring and summer weddings ahead. There are bridal showers to attend, gifts to select, and hotels to book. There’s a unique season of life that everyone faces - somewhere [...]

An Emotional Kavanaugh Says He Will Not Back Down

This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard from Christine Blasey Ford, who detailed her sexual assault allegation involving Brett Kavanaugh, more than 36 years ago. She gave a compelling testimony, one that was well received by many members of the committee. Many of the Senate democrats used their time to [...]

If I Could Do College All Over Again

Life is a tricky thing - in the moment, time drags by, but as a whole, it absolutely flies. I just toasted to the last 100 days of my college career. I’m blown away by how quickly this day has arrived. As I look back over the past five (yes, [...]

What Scripture Says About Women

This month is all about women. Lifting them up, empowering them, and reminding them of their worth. As a young woman of God, I’ve found that some of the most empowering words come from the Bible. When people ask me where my confidence comes from, my mind often wanders to [...]

7 Ways to Empower Other Women Today

1) Be A Role Model One of the best ways to empower others is to lead by example. Let them see your confidence and strength and that will encourage them to follow your example. Take this opportunity to be the example you needed at one point in your life. [...]

What It Means To Be An Empowered Woman

Because March is Women’s History month, we’ve been focusing on ways to lift up ourselves and the women in our lives. One specific word that has been thrown around more often than usual is the word “empower”. But what does that even mean? Empower (verb): To make (someone) stronger and [...]

Your Ultimate Guide To Bullet Journaling

With the beginning of a new year finally here, many people are setting goals and working to be a better version of themselves in 2017. One fantastic way to keep track of your goals, accomplishments, and day to day life is to start a bullet journal. This past year, I [...]

Top 10 Things To Leave In 2016

What a year it’s been. While there are so many things we have to be thankful for from 2016, we’ve had our speed bumps as well. Here are 10 things we’d be happy to leave behind as we bring in 2017. 1) Clinton Politics America has spoken (twice). [...]

9 New Years Resolutions For The Conservative Woman

It’s that time of year again - time to start setting goals for the upcoming year. The issue with New Year’s Resolutions is that we love to break them. They sound great for the first month or so but we often set vague goals that are quickly forgotten about. This [...]

You’d Never Know I Was Carrying A Gun

Guns are often perceived as unsafe, dangerous, and something to fear. Media bias has given not only guns a bad name, but gun owners as well. I am a law abiding citizen.  One who loves the constitution and everything it stands for. I don’t have a criminal record.  There’s no [...]