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Presidential Candidates As Relatives At Christmas

Jeb Bush The uncle that tells you all the crazy things he used to do in high school. All his stories start out with, “don’t tell your mom I told you this but….”   Ben Carson Your cousin who’s a doctor that lives across the country and only visits during [...]

7 Things Every Republican Wants This Christmas

1. Less Republican candidates Let’s be real here, we need to trim the fat.   2. For every Bernie supporter to enroll in economics classes I mean that MIGHT be unconstitutional but there’s gotta be loophole   3. More CNN bloopers Because c’mon, they’re hilarious   4. Less talking points and [...]

Presidential Candidates As Told By Some Of Our Favorite Songs

Jeb Bush The Next Episode- Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg “Hope you ready for the next episode… HeyyyeyyyeEYEYyyyEYYYY..... smoke weed everyday!”……..Sorry Mom.   Ben Carson Best Of Both Worlds- Hannah Montana “In some ways you're just like all your friends, but on stage you're a star. You get the [...]

2016 Presidential Candidates As Superheroes and Villians

Bush Ironman knows who he is, and he isn’t going to change anytime soon, just like Jeb Bush. Ironman takes the unorthodox approach to fighting crime by draping himself in his iron suit, which I can only imagine costs millions and letting you know that he’s probably the smartest and [...]

Fighting To Survive: A Story Of A Second Trimester Birth

“He’s going to be born with complications, if he’s even going to make it, which is unlikely. Down syndrome, trisomy 13, these are the realities you’re going to have to face. There is just too much fluid in your placenta, Mrs. Pecher, and at 23 weeks the likelihood of him surviving are slim. We [...]

To The Girl Afraid To Post Her Views

Dear Girl Who Is Afraid To Post Her Views, This one is for the girl who hesitates sharing political articles on Facebook, who second guesses whether or not she should wear her cute Republican shirt, and who is nervous tweeting her beliefs, I was you. The media is liberal, your [...]

Fast Facts About The Presidential Candidates

Rand Paul ► He actually didn’t graduate from college. In those days you didn’t need an undergrad degree to get into Duke’s med school, so he went right in after completing his undergrad courses at Baylor. ► He met his wife at a backyard oyster roast. ► His wife, Kelley [...]