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Breakups – everyone goes through them at some point. They are never fun or easy, but are always a part of life. One of my favorite things to do when going through a breakup is kick back and binge watch my favorite Netflix shows. While going through a recent breakup, I found comfort in Parks and Recreation, starring the one and only Leslie Knope. Not only is she the queen of hard work and dedication, but she also knows a thing or two about heartache. So let’s walk with Leslie through the 10 stages of a breakup.

Stage 1: Initial Shock


At first, you are going to ask yourself, “Did that really just happen? Did we really just break up? You have got to be kidding me.” This initial shock is the worst. You are not really sure what just happened or how to move on.


Stage 2: Denial


You will not change your Facebook relationship status or delete your old pictures together. You also refuse to change this person’s name in your phone because this is totally just a fight.  You are sure you will get back together soon.


Stage Three: The Breakdown Part 1


That whole “We will totally get back together” attitude is working out great…until you don’t. This is when things take a turn for the worse. You cry, sob, weep, wail, bawl and do whatever else you need to do to get all that hurt out. This is one of the hardest stages, but everyone goes through it.


Stage 4: Anger


This is the messiest stage of a breakup, by far. You are angry, not just at the person who broke your heart, but at the world. This is the stage when the raging break up songs and mean tweets come out. You do not actually want to physically harm anyone, you just want to sing at the top of your lungs about it.

Bonus Step 4.5: Seeing Your Ex With Someone Else


This is one of the most aggravating aspects of a breakup. It is totally not fair that somebody else gets to have your ex when you can’t.  


Stage 5: Regret


You totally said things you did not mean during the anger stage, and that makes everything worse. You regret sending those texts and tweets because now it seems like there is no hope for the two of you.


Stage 6: The “I’m Single and I Don’t Need a Man” Phase


This is a fun stage, and definitely a good one. It is the first initial happy stage. You are doing alright and finally going out with your friends again. Everything seems to be going great and you are healing.


Stage 7: The Boomerang


Things were going great. Until now. Your ex decides to come back into your life and text you. This naturally brings back every single emotion and feeling that you have ever had for this person. It also catches you by surprise and you do not really know what to do. Half of you is suspicious of this person’s intentions but the other half is too overtaken by emotion to care.


Stage 8: The Breakdown Part 2


It did not work out. If there is one thing that you have learned, it is that exes rarely change. It did not work the first time, and for whatever reason, this second reconciliation did not either. It is okay to cry again because you just got kicked while you were already down. This phase will not last long.

Step 9: Understanding


This is the point where you start being able to breathe again. You may not understand why you broke up, but you will understand that you could not change it. If you gave it 100% in every attempt you made, understanding will come easier than you expected.


Step 10: Acceptance


You made it. You have accepted that you are going to be okay, and that life is going to move on. Whether you move onto somebody else, or find happiness within yourself, you know you will be alright. This is the best stage, and you will be so proud of yourself when you get there.

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