That title may seem ironic coming from a platform called “Future Female Leaders.” But, I ask you to hear me out. I seek to uplift all women with my words.

Feminism fails women when women use it to degrade other women. We need to stop using feminism to shame and isolate women whose goals and desires deviate from the modern social norm. Because when feminism points fingers, oversimplifies, and degrades, it’s no longer feminism. It’s an assault on women. Feminism is intended to empower and unite, not to attack and divide.

Today’s women enjoy an unprecedented diversity of choices. This is the defining feature of our modern place in society. Today, we CAN attend business or law school. We CAN work a demanding 9 to 5 job. In 2018, we CAN pursue a career in politics. The fact of the matter is this: women are neither limited nor obligated to any one role. We have a plethora of options for work that fulfills us and engages our skills.

Some women feel most fulfilled and engaged tending to a spouse, household, and children. Who decided that managing a household or raising a family are easy tasks? These pursuits require perseverance, patience, compassion, and conviction. For the virtues demanded of them, stay-at-home moms and housewives deserve our respect, not our contempt.

Looking down on a girl who desires to dedicate her life to building a happy home is not progressive. It’s cruel and self-righteous. In fact, it’s akin to condescending a girl who wants to be a nurse rather than a surgeon.

It’s time to destroy the false narrative that women who find meaning and happiness in traditional roles are less educated, intelligent, or competent than professionals. It’s time to stop limiting our support to only those women we deem valuable to the feminist cause. These women are still our sisters. These women deserve every ounce of the support and respect we readily extend to those who work outside of the home.

Jenn B