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Allie Beth Stuckey, a conservative podcast host, public speaker, and a prominent conservatives on Twitter, published a satirical ad for the Democratic Party for the upcoming 2018 midterms listing the reasons why the viewer should vote Democrat. In the nearly four minute video, Stuckey lays out everything that the Democratic Party seems to stand for in 2018. Stuckey is known for her rapid-fire personality and this video is certainly no exception. Buckle up for a lot of topics being covered in a short amount of time.

She starts by saying that the Democrats are the “party of love and tolerance” and that they “promote inclusion, acceptance, peace, and goodwill,” while a video of protestors banging on the doors of the Supreme Court, ripping signs out of Kavanaugh supporters’ hands, and kicking a pro-life activist’s phone out of her hands play behind her. She then goes on to say that Republicans only care about “record unemployment, the economy, and keeping communities safe.” After labeling the Republicans as “fascists”, she continues on to outline the Democrat’s “practical’ policy points, such as “abolishing the Electoral College, eliminating due process, and banning hate speech”. Stuckey proclaims that “these are the values of the American people…well, at least Americans that live in San Francisco and New York.” After labeling words like “Constitution” and “liberty” as “fear mongering rhetoric” from Republicans, she tells the audience that Democrats focus on more unifying topics such as “repealing the Second Amendment” or “kneeling for the National Anthem.”

Stuckey delves more into the earlier point of eliminating due process by stating that the Democratic Party believes in equality by “unconditionally believing women” and “disbelieving men because, well, feminism.” She then delivers a second jab by looking at the camera from another angle and telling the audience that “if you ask us to explain this logicly, we will scream in your face and call you a misogynist.”

If you know anything about Allie Stuckey, you know that she is a huge pro-life advocate. She hits the Democratic Party on this in the next segment of the video, by opening with “Republicans want to take away a woman’s sacred right to choose to have her child decapitated inside the womb and torn apart limb  by limb with forceps.” Stuckey also makes note of the double standard on the standing of women in the party: “Democrats believe that women are powerful and independent”, but “they’re also helpless victims of the patriarchy who require government intervention to succeed. Any woman who disagrees with us…is a self-hating stupid bimbo.” She pivots to the standing of minorities in the Democratic Party by saying that “Democrats have the same positive message for minorities that we have for women: you’re a victim, and you’re useful to us. If you disagree, we’ll insult your intelligence, but it’s for your own good.” As she is saying this, a picture of Kanye West wearing a Make America Great Again hat. West was insulted relentlessly on social media after making nods to conservative figure Candace Owens and meeting with President Donald Trump.

Stuckey continues by talking about the Democratic Party’s position on immigration. “Republicans want to stop certain people from coming into this country. They cite the infiltration of gang violence, opioids, or sex trafficking as reasons to stop illegal immigration.” The Democratic Party is often criticized for their calls to abolish Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, and opening up our country’s borders. Stuckey labels this move as the “more loving thing to do” and the Republican’s reasons as “natural consequences.”

The next target of this “ad” is the Democrat’s recent embrace of socialism. Stuckey states that the party prefers to look forward instead of backward, which is why Democrats “reject capitalism and all its greed, and instead offer socialism, which has worked so well every time it has been tried.” While socialism has been tried in several countries, it usually ends in an economic collapse.

During the next segment, Stuckey pairs commonly used phrases to describe the Democratic Party with some of their more famous members. A picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z accompanies the phrase “common people,” one of Mark Zuckerberg with the phrase “poor,” one of Stephen Colbert with “weak,” and one of Meryl Streep with “defenseless.” Stuckey states that “our goal is to make the government work for you, so you don’t have to work at all.” Stuckey also makes a brief mention of religion, slamming the Democrats for their dismissal of religion and saying that they’d rather you “sacrifice yourself on the altar of progressivism.”

Stuckey labels the Democratic Party as the “party of empathy,” which allows them attack those who don’t agree with them for not only being wrong, but that they’re “bad people.” “We’re still haven’t figured out that this condescension is what lost us the 2016 election! Nevertheless, we’re confident that through censorship, emotional manipulation, and continued bullying, we’ll eventually get our way. Why? Because we care about you.” She then encourages the audience to vote Democrat in 2018.

The thing that I love about Allie is that she can keep a straight face through all of the video. She doesn’t pull any punches during this satirical video, but still manages to keep it relatively respectful.

Watch the video in full below!

Jillian K