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On the second day of CPAC, the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute hosted a lovely ladies lunch, hosted by District Media Group President Beverly Hallberg. The Trump administration and the 2016 election have shown us that you cannot avoid the media.

Whether you’re a college student bringing speakers to your campus and going on your local TV station to talk about the protests or a burgeoning political commentator laying out your talking points on Fox and Friends, you likely will have to, whether you like it or not, work with the media. When you do work with the media and make media appearances, you want to make yourself and what you represent look good.

Beverly Hallberg and District Media Group are actual professionals at doing just that. She trains politicians and other political figures on capitalizing on their media appearances and best communicating their message, and she can help you too.

Here are some of Beverly’s best tips for media interviews.

1) Control the Interview

 Don’t be led by the interviewer. Create three talking points for an interview and stick to them regardless of what is asked.

2) Become a Storyteller

People don’t care about issues until they know how they affect them. Become a storyteller through the use of examples and personal anecdotes.

3) Slow Down

Don’t speak so quickly that the audience can’t grasp what you are saying. Slow down and enunciate

4) Know Where to Look

Good eye contact is essential. Always look at the reporter/host interviewing you.

5) Wear the Right Clothing

Be careful of small patterns, which can “dance” on camera. Solids are safe.

Whether you’re trying to make yourself look brilliant on Fox News and convey your message concisely and in a way that connects with the audience or get your student organization’s message across in an on-campus publication, you can benefit greatly from media training and learning key interview skills like the ones I’ve explored above.

No one wants to look dumb on national TV, and you are no exception to this rule. Be smart and do your research. You can always learn something new, and new skills like how to slay a media interview are priceless.

Aryssa D
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