Contrary to what Teen Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan might believe, when it comes to politics, they don’t speak for all women. By publishing articles with titles such as “Donald Trump is gaslighting America,” “Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix ‘Women’s Issues’—She Will Distract From Them,” and  “Donald Trump’s Triumph Is a Victory for White Supremacy,” they make the assumption that all women side with the liberal agenda. These articles completely disregard what conservative women (yes, we exist!) believe. They sure have a lot to say for magazines that are known for covering the latest fashion trends and celebrity gossip.

It’s evidently clear that many women’s magazines are the cheerleaders for the liberal agenda.  Conservative women are fed up with this. Throughout the 2016 presidential election, if you were to look at women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, you would see that they were constantly attacking Donald Trump and praising Hillary Clinton. This gave the perception that Hillary Clinton would obtain at least 75% of female votes.  They made statements like Hillary Clinton would win the election in a landslide if only women voted. In reality, despite what all of the articles said, Hillary Clinton only gained a little over half of the women’s vote.

Women’s magazines regularly advocate and praise the liberal agenda in their articles while allowing the views of conservative women to be suppressed and ignored. They may claim to represent what conservative women’s views are by presenting articles like “5 Millennial Women on Voting for Donald Trump” and “3 Female College Students Explain Why They Support Donald Trump” but these views are expressed in the article right after they criticize what Donald Trump and praise Hillary Clinton. They do this in a way that is meant to thoroughly embarrass the women featured in the articles.

If you still think that women’s magazines treat conservative women fairly and expresses their views equally, take a look at how Cosmopolitan treated Ivanka Trump. When Cosmo interviewed Ivanka about her father’s past comments about childcare and maternity leave, the Cosmo interviewer was extremely negative and unfair with her questions.  The interviewer treated Ivanka poorly. This unfair treatment was so disparaging that it caused Ivanka ended on Cosmo and the interview. Afterwards Ivanka tweeted, “@Cosmopolitan, your readers do & should care about issues impacting women & children. Keep the focus where it belongs—advocating change.” When Ivanka walked out on that interview in September, it did not just signify the lack of respect she was given, but it was also symbolic of the disrespect that conservative women receive from women’s magazines. And for that, I applaud her immensely.

When I read a women’s magazine like Teen Vogue or Elle, I would like to read about the latest styles and trends.  Maybe learn some new makeup ideas, not about how Donald Trump is “gaslighting America” or how Ivanka Trump “won’t fight for women’s rights.” So to the women’s magazines who would rather be cheerleaders for the liberal agenda and suppress the views of conservative women, you don’t speak for me.

Rachel F