We live in a time of the woman. A time where our voices continue to rise up, influencing policy, creating change, and impacting our world to create a better future for all.

Women are breaking barriers in their fields, using their voices, and succeeding like never before. We are intelligent, strong, and capable of anything we set our minds too. We look to be educated in ways that allow us to chase our passions and advocate for what we care about.  But yet, there are still those who don’t believe we are capable of caring about more than issues they have deemed “women’s issues.”

When it is thought that the only topics, women should care about are in the stereotypical categories of welfare and women’s health, it is falling short of the true capability of our gender. While we care about those policy areas, and both do play vital roles in our lives, it leaves out many more that also greatly impact our daily lives.

We, just as men, are influenced by every policy area, large or small. Every decision made in those areas affect our daily lives. Whether it’s a change in tax policy, a new bill on the environment, or immigration, we all have a stake in those policies. Every issue is and will be a women’s issue. Gender does not void policy impact nor does it create an invisible wall of that creates a lack of knowledge.

The women of today are capable of changing the world through knowledge and policy. Just look at some of the incredible examples we have in 2018. We have Nikki Haley advocating for the United States place internationally. Kirstjen Nielsen is the Secretary of Homeland Security, ensuring our nation continues to be safe. Elaine Chao is working as Secretary of Transportation, overseeing transportation and infrastructure policy. Secretary of Education, Betsey De Vos is making waves in education policy. It is women like these who are truly proving that we have a say in all issues and completely ignores those who wish to put us in a box.

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Although some may want you to only care about certain issues and turn a blind eye to others, I challenge you to embody the confidence that follows believing all issues are women’s issues. To push boundaries of those who only seek to draw them. Knowledge is power. We are the powerful women of the future.

Bailey L
Bailey is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who enjoys writing, traveling, and coffee. When she isn't working, you can find her with her nose in a book or planning her next adventure.

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