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Have you ever wondered if you’re a liberal? Have you ever said something that felt mildly like it should be coming out of the mouth of a social justice warrior? Have you ever tried to police someone’s free speech? Maybe you just know someone who you suspect of being a liberal, and you just don’t understand. We’ve compiled ten signs here for you that you or someone you love might be a liberal. Don’t forget that there are also millions of people out there that don’t identify with any of these signs, and they’re people too, so treat them like it.

  1. You’ve ever been to the post office and you still advocate for big government intervention


  1. You think killing your own dinner is immoral but abortion isn’t


  1. You think free speech doesn’t apply to offensive speech


  1. Your go to insult is to call someone a fascist


  1. You compare Trump to Hitler but idealize Che Guevara and Fidel Castro


  1. You want women to break glass ceilings but not Republican women


  1. You know you can voice your political beliefs in class and most people will agree with you

  1. You believe the Constitution is “outdated”


  1. You think not showing up to work, by participating in a women’s strike, is a good way to show how hard you work


  1. You wear vagina hats but accuse the GOP of being obsessed with women’s bodies

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