I personally love pens. I am a stationary addict, honestly. These pens range pricey to cheaper and from gel to rollerball to ballpoint to fine liner to marker. These are the top 10 pens to use for note taking!

    1. Zebra Sarasa Clip

These pens write so smoothly, and they are ballpoint pens. The colors are vibrant, making note taking less of a chore! There are so many color options too. I would personally recommend this 10-pack set or this pastel 8 color set.

    1. Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner

If you’re more of a fineliner type of person, the stabilo point 88 fineliner pens are the best for taking notes. With a 0.4mm tip, these pens are perfect for writing small or large. They come in an assortment of colors. The most popular are the 10 color set, 15 color set, and 30 color set.

    1. Retractable TUL Gel Pens

These pens are my holy grail for note taking. I mostly use the black pens, and they write so smooth and crisp, detailing every note perfectly.  I personally prefer the 0.5mm fine point, but they also come in 0.7mm medium point. They also come in an assorted color set as well! If you want to stock up, they have a 12 pack of all black 0.5mm and 0.7mm. They also have a pack of 8 assorted colors 0.5mm and a pack of 14 assorted colors and brights in 0.7mm.

    1. Pentel EnerGel RTX Retractable Liquid Gel Pen

These pens are extremely pigmented and full of color. I love diagraming with these. With a wide variety of color and a bit of a thicker line at 0.7mm, these are great for mapping out concepts, diagraming systems, or even just note taking in general! The pens come in all different types of sets, but I personally recommend the 12 pack assorted ink.

    1. Le Pen

These fineliner pens are excellent. They don’t dry out, and they come in a sleeve that is convenient for carrying around in your backpack without worrying about leaks. These pens have a very thin point, which makes note taking a breeze. They work well with labeling pictures and notes as well. The 10-piece set is perfect for anyone.

    1. FORAY(R) Advanced Ink Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Needle Point

I could go on for years about these pens honestly. The needlepoint makes writing quickly and neatly so much easier. The ink hasn’t dried out or ran out, and I have had them for over a year. Get a pack of 8 here.

    1. Sakura Gelly Roll

I have never met a pen that writes as smooth as these pens. These pens come in all different varieties as well! A great start is the 10-piece moonlight set. Other sets, but not all, include a 10 piece classic set, 5 piece gold shadow set, 5 piece metallic set, and a 6 piece stardust (glitter) set. There are so many to choose from with these pens, and not a single one disappoints!

    1. Pentel Slicci

These gel roller pens are so thin, making detailing and doodling extremely easy and fun! With only a 0.25mm tip, these pens are extra fine and extremely precise. Get the assorted 8 pack here!

    1. Sharpie Pen Stylo

I was a bit hesitant about these pens at first because I thought they would be just like the ultra fine permanent markers (which I do like, but they bleed through paper a bit too much for note taking). These pens are magnificent. They deliver the same pigment level as you would expect from sharpies, but they don’t bleed through paper. Keep in mind not to press too hard, as they will bleed if used aggressively. I use these pens daily for note taking, list writing, journaling, you name it. There are 10 gorgeous colors available in this pen style. You can buy all the colors in a pack of 12, which comes with every color, including an additional black and blue pen, in the set.

    1. Pilot Acroball

These pens are great for everyday writing, whether it’s lists, plans, notes, or something else. The ink is smooth for effortless writing, and the pens just glide across the page. They are the perfect black pens to add to your collection whether it’s at home or on the go. Get a 3 pack here.

Also, since not every pen comes in its own sleeve or holder, I recommend getting a set of these pen sleeves if you don’t want to mix these pens up with all your pens, mix sets, or have a pen leak accident.

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