Image Credits: TheBlaze

Being a conservative on a college campus is rare and you often hear clichés and assumptions of who you are and what you believe. Here are our top 10 college conservative clichés:

1. You must hate women


Oh no. You caught me. I’m a conservative woman because I secretly hate women. I must hate myself too.

2. You must be a homophobe


Conservatism and homophobia do not go hand in hand, darling.  Also, I am not scared of homosexuals, as the word homophobia implies. Pick a better insult, please.

3. You must be a Republican because your parents are


Oh no. Wrong again. My mother is a Democrat, as are the majority of my family members. I’m not a sheep, blindly following the herd. I’m not a Republican because my parents are, and I’m also not “rebelling” by going to the right side. My parents love me enough to let me make my own political decisions, and I chose right.

4. You must just watch Fox News all the time


I’m a college student. I don’t do anything related to entertainment or television that often. 2. I don’t blindly adhere to one set of stories. I shop around for my news sources, but I always choose reliable outlets. 3. You say Fox News like it’s a bad thing. It isn’t.

5. You don’t have a heart


Oh no. You caught me again. Instead of a heart, I have a tiny slave ship pumping my blood. Being a good person does not have a delegated political party. I love giving back to my community, and I think that gives me something that resembles a heart.

6. You must be super religious


Not all conservatives are religious, and neither are all Republicans.  You’ll find lots of religions on both sides of the spectrum, and varying degrees of religiosity.

7. You must be a war-mongerer


Who actually likes war? What kind of cliché is this? I, as a conservative, and as a Republican, understand that war is sometimes necessary to achieve an end. That being said, I’m never going to advocate for war when it is not necessary. War is costly, war is lethal, and war is a huge pain. No one wants to go to war, honestly. Conservatives are NOT war hawks.

8. You will probably change your political ideology


This is one of my favorite clichés to hear on campus, since statistical studies show that people actually become more Conservative as they age.  Science suggests that it is actually the campus liberals who will find themselves thinking quite differently in the coming years.

9. You must worship XYZ Famous Republican


I don’t worship anyone here on Earth, thank you.  While I may look up to and admire Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Bill Buckley, and many others, I do not bow at their feet.

10. You probably don’t believe in evolution


Again, assumptions are ridiculous. When you base your clichés on outdated stereotypes, you just sound silly.  What I believe in is based on the facts. That’s why I’m a conservative.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member