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Being a Republican girl has many perks. We are a strong, successful, independent, and professional young woman.  We’re smart, informed, and love to focus on the issues.  We love hard hitting politics and analyzing data, but sometimes after a long and hard day work, we need some time to relax, laugh and fawn over the more surface level perks (we’re only human) of being a Republican girl. There are 10 guilty pleasures that make a Republican girl’s world go ‘round.

1. Obsessing Over Republican Men

Whether you’re drooling over political figures such as Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio or you’ve got your eye on a popular conservative activist on Twitter, obsessing over the amazing qualities Republican men have is one of our guilty pleasures. There is something about a Republican man’s charm and intellect that makes our hearts melt.

2. Buying Everything Republican-Related

Buying anything and everything with an elephant, America, or Ronald Reagan quote is how we love spending our hard-earned cash. I mean who can resist the new FFL “squad goals” tank and spreading some Founding Fathers appreciation?

3. Getting Excited To Watch The News

There are so many popular journalists such as Megyn Kelly, Katie Pavlich, Ben Shapiro, or Sean Hannity and politicians like Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, or Kelli Ward who often appear on Fox News and CNN. Watching them speak on television is probably our favorite hobby.

4. Political Gossip

There is no doubt about how fast word travels in the world of politics. There are hundreds of new rumors coming out of every campaign every day. Which one do we blow up about on Twitter? Which one do we rant about on Facebook? Well, all of them. Girls are known to gossip, that’s for sure. We don’t mean to be nosy, but Republican girls LOVE chatting about every little detail of the 2016 campaign, it’s a weakness. We’re just really emotionally invested, okay? 

5. Decorating Our Laptops

If you don’t have at least eight conservative related stickers on your laptop, are you even a Republican?

6. Political Rants

Speaking up for our country and ourselves is what we do best. Everyone makes fun of us for “stepping on our soapbox” almost everyday, but it is what empowers us and makes us love being a Republican woman that much more.

7. Meeting A President/Presidential Candidate

Because who wouldn’t want to be standing two feet away from George W. Bush right now? Maybe we fangirl a little too much when we meet our political heroes, but it’s well worth it.

8. Visiting Washington D.C.

As the capital of the United States and the political paradise of any Republican, D.C. holds a special place in our hearts. Planning a trip to this great district puts us at a loss for words. It’s a place most of us call a home away from home.

9. Getting Noticed By Someone Famous

My favorite celebrities aren’t the ones currently located in Hollywood, but the great men and women who strive to make our country a better place. How do us conservative girls even survive after one of these people mention us on Twitter, favorite one of our tweets, or follow us back?

10. Working For A Prominent Figure

The last guilty pleasure is one the majority of us work towards each and every day; and that is finally landing the job or internship with your state senator or the great political activist company everyone knows about. Now you finally are apart of something greater than yourself–something that helps America stay amazing.

Sydney H
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Sydney is a Poli Sci obsessed southern girl, who wishes RomneyRyan2012 had actually happened. She's a lover of the outdoors and all things red, white, and blue. If she isn't at work or school, you can most likely find her at home taking a nap (for 3 hours).

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