A record of 32 million Latinos are projected to be eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election. The 2020 election will mark the first time that Latino Americans will be the largest racial and ethnic minority group to vote in our upcoming presidential election. 10 Latinas across the United States share with FFL why they switched their political affiliation from Democrat to Republican and why they’ll be voting for Trump this upcoming presidential election.


Age 32, NY

I left the Democrat party because of the hypocrisy and the ignorance. How can you hate a man who has helped achieve historic Hispanic and Black unemployment and still call him a “racist?” The opportunities for Americans are endless regardless of the color of our skin or nationality. For celebrities and politicians to say that I am “oppressed” is wrong. My identity as a Latina in this country has never held me back from anything. There is no valid argument that can support “oppression,” in America except for the individual choices you’ve made to oppress yourself! Democrats want to keep you held back based on your identity alone. Set yourself free and think for yourself. No one is holding you back but you! My vote is for Trump! 


Age 34, CA 

I officially became a Republican this year after a few months of being on the fence. Then, this whole pandemic pushed me over the edge. I just started questioning everything and doing my own individual research. I realized my beliefs were more aligned with the Republican Party than the Democrat party- but the stigma of being Latina and not being “rich” or “white,” kept me a Democrat. I’ve always been pro-God, pro-second amendment, and pro-life. I finally got fed up. Then, I said to myself “my ethnicity shouldn’t dictate my political affiliation! I am a proud American!” I was born in Mexico and raised by Mexican parents who taught me we are American first. Why should I be put to shame for being a proud American? It’s ok to be a proud American and still love your heritage, as long as you don’t forget where you came from. I will be voting for Trump this year because he values me as an American.


Age 29, TX

I am a proud Puerto Rican woman living my best life in Texas. I was raised in a Democrat home. It was all I ever knew. I grew up believing that Democratic party was the party of the “poor and the oppressed,” and because of my identity as a Latina I needed to be a Democrat. But oh man have I opened up my eyes! No one’s identity should be tied to a political party. I know that now! It’s a great feeling to understand that the color of someone’s skin or their country of origin shouldn’t dictate who they are as person, but their hustle to do better in this great country should. This is a country that rewards hard work. Hard work always pays off. Democrats are wanting to offer me a handout but Republicans are offering me a hand-up! Big difference! I will be voting for Trump this year! 

Miriam Rel

Age 28, NM

I voted for Obama on his first presidential race because my family comes from a long line of Democrats. So I was also very proud to be part of the voting group to elect the first black president. I never followed politics so I couldn’t even tell you how his first term went. I actually voted for him twice! When Trump announced his presidency that’s when I started to really look into politics. I kept thinking to myself “why would a man with no political background or experience want to be president?”  Plus, he was getting so much hate -so I wanted to know why? I took it upon myself to listen to political talk radio on my way to and from work (about a 45 min drive). I was listening to people call in, hosts speak about their options, listeners being interviewed on where they stood on Trump and Hillary. At that point my vote was for Hillary Clinton- but when I listened to both candidates -all my beliefs stood with Trump. That’s when I made the switch! Abortion was the biggest contributor because I am a Christian. My family didn’t agree with me supporting Trump, they even called me names. I used to watch YouTube videos about applying the right foundation for your face but after I made the switch, I started to educate myself even more about politics. For 4 years I received so much criticism for supporting president Trump. Today, I am proud to say that am using my social media platform to help educate others and encouraging them to make the switch like I did. Unfortunately, a lot of people are still asleep. They don’t want to do their own research; they rather believe what the mainstream news media feeds them. They’re stuck in their own “Democrat bubble,” but only because they choose to be sheep. Despite all the negativity Trump receives he really is the best president I have ever voted for. He’s got my vote again this year! 


Age 29, CA

I still cannot believe that I am actually a Republican! I mean, it was only a few months ago that I was leading a crowd of one hundred or so people to march from Hollywood to Beverly Hills, all in the name of “racial justice.” Walking down those streets, I held my head high and proud, leading that well-known BLM chant: 

“What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it? Shut it down!!”

And now, here I am; loving my president (who I used to hate), loving my country (that I was once brainwashed into believing was “racist” and not that great), and completely denouncing my support for what I later learned was actually a Marxist, terrorist organization funded by globalists who were just using me and my fellow brothers and sisters to do their dirty work of turning this beautiful country into a communist dystopia. I was so heavily involved with the organization Black Lives Matter, that I almost got arrested after protesting outside of Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house in LA. Now, I make it a point to expose the organization for what they really are: A Marxist organization that use people of color through emotional manipulation tactics to push their own politically divisive agenda. God opened my eyes to a lot of things. I later learned that Trump was not, in fact, the man the TV was telling me he was. I learned that Donald Trump was a Patriot; a man who loves our country and the American people. I learned that Trump was not the “racist,” monster who put innocent, immigrant children in cages, but in fact, it was my “forever president,” Obama, who build the cages that held immigrant children back in 2014. The lies that I, along with many others, were indoctrinated into believing to be true are so many, that it makes me sick to think about. I am grateful, however, that the veil has finally been lifted for me. These riots and the blatant neglect shown by the Democrat officials running the cities that are currently in shambles, have really opened my eyes. Many of those in the “silent majority,” are choosing to stay silent no more. We have awakened to the truth and will no longer be manipulated by the fake news mainstream media propaganda. The COVID-19 lockdown has completely backfired on Democrats, as many (like myself) have taken this time to disconnect from the world and awaken to the truth. I live in California, and believe me when I say this state will turn red, this coming November.


Age 32, CA

I remember being excited when Obama ran for office. He made so many campaign promises that I really thought would benefit my family, myself, and this country. I now know that everything Obama promised the American people was a lie. His policies ended up hurting my family. He raised our taxes and our country went into debt. I switched my party affiliation when Donald Trump announced his presidency. My husband and my family were very skeptical at first. I remember telling my family that America is in debt and hurting. Who better to run this country than one of the most successful businessmen around? I said, America needs to be run like a business to be successful, to get us out of debt, and to better the lives of the American people! Since then, my support for the President has only grown. President Trump has delivered on all his campaign promises. He wasn’t just giving his audience classic talking points like most politicians do. He didn’t sugar code things. I truly believe that to keep America moving forward, we NEED 4 more years of President Donald Trump!


Age 36, GA

I have always voted Democrat (voted Barack in 2008 and Hillary in 2016.

Narratives this year just stopped making sense— the pandemic, the lockdowns, the riots and destruction of property. How can a party that claims to support minorities be in favor of defunding the police, which disproportionately affects minority communities? Democrats want minorities to believe that the only way their life will improved is by keeping them on government dependency. It wasn’t until this year that I started to understand, truly understand, their ideology and what they want for the future of our country. It was then that I realized how much I’ve been misguided, and how much my beliefs are more aligned with the Republican Party than the Democrat party. President Trump has accomplished so much in his first term in office, it’s hard to not recognized that. I also began to noticed how blatantly biased the media has been against him. Essentially, I woke up and started to actually pay attention and made the switch from Democrat to Republican! 


Age 24, NM

I grew up in a very poor town where the population was somewhere around 300 residents. My parents were both teenagers when they had me. Although my parents never mentioned politics they did however tell me if I ever did decide to vote it should be Democrat because “they took care of us.” I didn’t realize at that time that “being taken care of” meant being put on food stamps, government housing, etc. Fast forward to 2014 I meet my now fiancée and he saw so much potential in me. I didn’t have to be content with what the government “gave” me. I could go out there and do great things on my own- because this is the land of opportunity that rewards hard work. Long story short, being a Democrat only limited my potential and my personal beliefs. When I wiped away the blanket of lies I went into the world with a new perspective and learned how to think for myself. That is why I’ll be voting for Trump this year. I don’t need to be dependent on the government to succeed, I can do that on my own. 


Age 29, FL

As a Latina I was taught from a very young age that Republicans are not for “our people,” and that they are “racist, rich, old white men,” that do not “want us here.” It wasn’t until I started working in local news that I noticed a lot my values didn’t aligned with my co-workers who happened to be all Democrat. As a video editor I had to alter, manipulate, and blur videos to match the script they would write – even when the script was deceiving. The few times I spoke out about this I was told to just stay silent and do my job or I would be replaced. I was told that angry viewers “tuned in more,” and we had to make sure that we were #1 in our news market. When Trump became president this happened way more often. It seemed like every single day there was a new video of him doing something that would cause an outrage. At this point, I only edited the videos according to the script without actually watching them myself. I didn’t realize how much I was contributing to the lies that were being sent out and to be honest, I didn’t even think about it that much. I became desensitized working in that toxic environment. Eventually I left local news and began working at a network station. It was nice to not think about politics anymore. When the riots started I was kind of thrown back into politics because I saw so many of my friends and family defending rioters that were destroying their own communities. I lost a lot of friends and family because I refused to support those who were looting and setting small businesses on fire and openly hating our country. When Democratic politicians started to support and bail out these rioters and not condemning them that’s when I was truly disgusted. I did a reassessment of my values and realized that I can no longer support the Democrat party. I lost all respect for them. After reaching out and speaking to a few conservatives on social media I realized Republicans are not these “racist, rich, old white men,” that don’t “want me here.” I have experienced so much more kindness on the right than I have ever experienced on the left. I’m so upset that it took me this long to see the truth and even more upset that I had contributed to the lies the media spread. I’m glad to be on the right side of history. The side where you can be proud to be an American, the side where truth is more important than the number of viewers, and the side that shares my values and beliefs. I am voting for the first time in my life. I’m ready to vote Republican and to vote for Trump this year! 


Age 27, NJ

As a Latina, Democrats mock my intelligence. The Obama administration, not the Trump administration, built the cages that held many immigrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border yet Democrats continued to push that it was the Trump administration that did. Democrats would rather write someone like me a government check than to give me the opportunity to succeed based on my own merits. I don’t need the government to take care of me. My potential is not limited based off my identity as a minority or as a woman. I’m glad someone like Trump sees that. I’m voting for Trump all the way! 

There are hundreds of more Latinas like these who are done being used by the Democrat party. They’re done with being lied to and they’re done supporting a party that continuously views them as “victims,” rather than victors. No one should feel obligated to support a political party based off their identity alone. The Republican Party is diverse and it isn’t exclusive to “whites only.” This upcoming presidential election, Latinas are taking a stance and fighting back!

Emma J