I am so thankful for my dad. From teaching me how to ride my bike, to offering a helping hand with my science homework, to even packing my lunch and making my morning coffee before school — my dad has always been there when I need him most . On top of always being there for me when I need him, my dad has instilled incredibly valuable life lessons in me that have made me the young person I am today. So thank you Dad, for everything, but especially these 10 lessons.

1) Hard work is the catalyst for everything

Hard work is the mantra for my entire family. Every since I was a little kid, I had to work for what I got, whether it was new clothes for school in the fall, or simply an extra $5 in order to see a movie on the weekend. My dad taught me that there is no such thing as a free lunch. While he loves to provide for both me and my sister, he made it very clear that nothing comes without a little work, much like the real world.

2) Always be grateful for what you have

Always being grateful for the opportunities and blessings that have been provided for you is something that I have learned from my dad. He made sure I always sent thank you cards after every scholarship won, job interview I had, or even just an invitation to a friend’s house. While this seemed like a huge pain when I was eight years old, I am extremely grateful for this skill today. Showing others that you are grateful for them and what they provide for you is incredibly important, and I owe this lesson to my dad entirely.  

3) Learn how to manage your resources

Whether it be your time, money, or even just how many cookies were in the kitchen, my dad made it very important that you learn how to manage your resources. From the time I received my first allowance, my dad insisted that I set a portion aside for my savings. My dad taught me how to manage my time, and ensure that I allowed myself enough time in the day to get everything I needed to get done accomplished. Lastly, he always made me think about how I can span my consumption of treats in the kitchen so I would have enough until the next baking time.

4) Be the best person you can be

Integrity, honesty, and thoughtfulness were traits that were instilled in me at a very young age. My dad wanted to make sure that I could be the absolute best person that I could be and that you should always hold yourself to a higher standard — things that have become invaluable today.

5) It’s okay to fail

Failure has always been something that I struggle with, but my dad has always been there to remind me that failure is okay. Failure allows you to learn from your mistakes and motivates you to work even hard the next time. This reminder that I don’t always have to be the best is something that I have learned from my father. Of course, it always nice when he tells me how awesome I am when I’m sad — dads are good for that.

6) Never compare your successes to someone else’s

To go along with my struggle to deal with failure, I always have a problem with comparing other people’s successes with my own. When I got down on myself because I assumed someone else was more successful than me based on pure observation, my dad would say something incredibly important: “You can’t compare your Chapter 4 with someone else’s Chapter 12.” I have never forgotten this, and always remind myself that I will get to that level of success one day too. It all just takes time.

7) Make time for the things you love

Just like hard work was stressed, so was making time for the things you love to do. Whether it be reading a book, seeing a movie as a family, or going out to eat, my dad always puts a strong emphasis on work hard, play hard. 

8) Family comes first

All through my childhood, my dad has always put my family first — whether it be through finances, personal time, or planning activities. Through this, I have come to gain a strong sense of family and consider my entire family to be my best friends in the entire world. My father has been the best role model in how to be an incredible parent. I hope that one day I can show as much dedication and love to my family that he has shown to us.

9) Learn people’s love languages

My dad treats my mom better than any other relationship I have ever seen. He always puts her first and provides for her in ways that I never even think about. When I ask him how he learned to be such a caring spouse, he told me that eventually he had to learn my mom’s love language. By knowing what means the most to my mom, my dad can love her in a way that means the most to her. Because of this, my father’s devotion and love has been a role model for all of my previous and future relationships.

10) Trust God

Above all, however, my dad has taught me that I should always trust God. Faith is an incredible component in our family, and this upbringing of faith and devotion to our spiritual faith is something that has become invaluable in my life today. I would not be the person I am today if not for my strong faith, and both my parents taught me how to trust God in every aspect of my life. My most important lesson.

Corinne C
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