I am so thankful for my mom. From giving me a hug at the end of a bad day, to giving me motivational speeches on the phone when I’m convinced I’m going to drop out of college (we’ve all been there), my mom has always been there for me, and I could not be more grateful. On top of always being there for me when I need her, my mom has instilled incredibly valuable life lessons in me that have made me the young woman I am today. So thank you Mom, for everything, but especially these 10 lessons.

1. You can’t please everyone, and that is okay

Growing up, I always wanted everyone to like me, and I took it very very personally when people didn’t like me. After a few days of coming home from my 5th grade class crying, my mom told me something I’ve never forgotten — you can’t please everyone, but as long as you are kind, respectful, and treat others the way you want to be treated, you have nothing to be ashamed of. This lesson has followed me all the way to college.  I  always remind myself that I can’t please everyone, but as long as I stay true to the person my Mom made me, I’ll always be proud of myself.

2. Hard work always pays off

Hard work is something that my parents taught me the importance of at a very young age. I always had chores to do around the house, and schoolwork was always the number one responsibility. Even if my grades slipped up a little bit, my mom would make sure that I worked harder and did the absolute best work I could do. This a lesson I am extremely grateful for now that I am in college, where I can see that not everyone has this value of hard work.

3. Never settle

To quote my mom, “You should never settle on three things: goals, men, and food.” This is something I live off of daily. I always aspire to reach my goals and not let the fear of failing or not being the best scare me to settle to a lower goal. I have clear standards on dating and men, and I have all of that to thank for my mom. Not to mention that my mom is an amazing cook, so you can bet I never settle on food.

4. Forgiveness isn’t a weakness

People will disappoint you — that’s life. My mom always made it clear that forgiveness was a strength, not a weakness. Forgiving others shows that you are strong enough to move past the disagreement, disappointment, and rise above the occasion. Forgiveness is sometimes hard, but having this mindset makes it so much easier.

5. Don’t let others’ actions affect your own

I think we’ve all heard it: “If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?”  Growing up, I often wasn’t allowed to do what other kids were doing.  When I got into highschool, I didn’t necessarily agree with what my friends did, because of the way I was raised. Because of this, I often felt left out and alone, tempting me ignore my parents and do what my friends were doing anyway. My mom made it very important to be your own person and stand for your own personal values, regardless of what those around you are doing — something I’m incredibly thankful for.

6. Be kind and people will take note

My mom always taught me that kind is the most important thing you can be — you can be as successful and wealthy as you want, but if you are not kind, you won’t have anyone around you to share your successes with. Kindness is so much more important than be important.

7. Always write Thank You notes 

Although sometimes it was like pulling teeth, my mom made sure I always wrote thank you notes after every birthday party, Christmas gift, and graduation congratulations. While at the time, I absolutely hated it, now it is second-nature to write a thank you note whenever I receive a kind gift or have a job interview — and the gesture does not go unnoticed. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy adorable stationary every time I see it.

8. Dress for success

My mom is a firm believer in dressing for success and knowing what makes you look best. Because of this, I know what fit of dress pants make me look the most professional, what is acceptable for a job interview, and what colors make me look best in head shots — skills that have become invaluable in college and internship seeking. Please forgive me for wearing leggings every other day of the week though, Mom!

9. Think of others

Always thinking of others and how you can help those around you is something that is very important in my household. Because of this mindset, it is a natural response of mine to ask people how I can help them when I’m not busy or when I see them struggling with something. I have made many friends this way, and employers love seeing someone that has the work ethic to jump at opportunities instead of waiting to be told what to do.  

10. Trust God

Perhaps the most important lesson my Mom has taught me over the last nineteen years is to always trust God. Whenever I’m stressed or upset and call my mom freaking out my life, she always reminds me that God has a plan for me and to trust him. My deep faith and love for God I owe to my mom for being an incredible example of faith every day of my life.

So thank you Mom, for shaping me into the young women I am today, and still teaching me new lessons at every opportunity. I hope I never stop learning from you and I sincerely hope that one day I can be as incredible of a mother, wife, and woman as you. Thank you and I love you.

Corinne C
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Corinne loves late night reading, caramel lattes and everything to do with elephants. She thoroughly believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of sassiness.