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Although there are so many great parts of college, professor bias and being surrounded by ex-Bernie Sanders supporters are not among the best aspects. Most campuses also have opportunities to connect with fellow conservatives, even if these outlets are publicized much less than liberal ones. At your first College Republicans meeting, there are bound to be these blissful moments of relief.

  1. The First View of Our Beloved Elephant

This sounds corny, sure, but just knowing you’re about to be surrounded by like-minded people is a relief of its own. It’s constructive and valuable to talk to those who don’t share your opinions.  When you searched to no avail for red politics on campus for what seemed like forever, some agreement just doesn’t hurt.

  1. An Escape from PC Culture

We all know that college campuses are breeding grounds for hurt feelings and hyper-sensitive minds.  At College Republicans meetings, all of that can go out the window. For probably the first time since coming to campus, you can really express your opinions without worrying that someone will exclaim, “you’re xenophobic!” While none of us really want to hurt others’ feelings, that goal can be quite impossible when your peers are offended by literally everything.

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  1. Fellow Students Who Just Love Capitalism

After gritting your teeth for a week and a half as you endured seeing students advocating for socialism around campus, you’re finally surrounded by capitalist-loving Americans. Even better, you actually receive compliments on my Turning Point USA “Big Government Sucks” button instead of death glares.

  1. The “Can You Believe What My Professor Said?!” Talk

One of the most talked about college stereotypes – and a true one at that – is liberal professor bias. We were aware of this generalization before coming to college, experiencing the liberal bias of your professors can be beyond frustrating. Surrounded by fellow Republicans, you can finally talk about how professors brought only Clinton representatives to class or denounced all Republicans as “evil” or “discriminatory.”

  1. Real Opportunities to Help Politicians Fighting the Conservative Fight

Arguably the best part about joining College Republicans is meeting conservative politicians in the area. Instead of preaching about the one percent or income inequality like liberal professors, these fellow conservatives are actually out in the world and are trying to change America for the better with red politics. Especially if you live in a large, liberal city like I do, these conservatives really need your help to win elections.

  1. Eye-Rolls – Instead of Tears – At the Mention of Senator Sanders

The videos of college-aged Americans crying during Bernie’s speech at the DNC will never get old.  On the other hand, us conservatives simply can’t relate at all. We can, of course, respect his political consistency, but his ideology doesn’t represent us, nor our College Republican peers. The first laugh at the idea of American socialism will be such a moment of relief.

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  1. Critique of Media Biases Other Than Right Wing Media

Everyone loves to hate on Fox News for being right-leaning, as if the network created the idea of media bias. Funny that the same group of people simply won’t acknowledge that MSNBC is just as skewed as Fox News. Media bias goes both ways in this world.  It’s such a relief to be around people who understand that.

  1. Lamenting the Current Election: “Who Actually Supports Trump?”

It’s not a secret that many dedicated Republicans are having trouble supporting Trump.  Many of us are still clinging to our favorite primary candidate. Although many might be “coming around” to the idea of voting for the nominee, it’s also refreshing to air out concerns with fellow Republicans. Talking through his platform and its possibilities helped me make a better decision about where my vote will go.

  1. Other Women Who Don’t Buy What Hillary’s Selling

By far, this was the best moment of my first College Republicans meeting. People will have you believe that all women should vote for Hillary because “she’s a fellow woman.” I promise that there are women just like you, who can’t bear to elect her to the highest office. Being able to admit that Hillary simply isn’t the woman we want to see in office – not because she’s a woman, but because she’s Hillary Clinton – and receive support is really uplifting.

  1. Simply Having Friends You Can’t Offend

Once you have been to a few College Republican meetings, you’ll feel like you have real friends who share your outlook on the world. While you will still love many of the other friends you’ve made in college thus far, you will often have to hold your tongue and avoid political rhetoric or discussion around them. The friends you make in College Republicans will always get you just a little bit more.  It’s important to be able to have a network of people who understand where you’re coming from.

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Without a doubt, getting involved in College Republicans is practically imperative for conservative students. You can develop a network of people who are just as passionate about conservatism as you are.  Through the organization, you can even connect with potential employers or candidates for whom you could potentially intern.

Karly M.
Karly Matthews is a student at Temple University, where she is majoring in political science and journalism while minoring in Spanish. At any given moment, Karly can be found talking about Marco Rubio and advocating for conservative values with a large coffee mug and color-coded planner in hand.

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