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We are all aware of this dreadful and stressful week that is approaching fast. Finals week consists of over-studying, over-stressing and, of course, over-caffeinating. However, we are all in this together, so here are ten things that you need to conquer all of your finals:


1) Your favorite Starbucks drink. For all you coffee lovers, stick to your favorite coffee that gets you through the day. Since fall semester finals are in December, you have the option to sip on the amazing holiday flavored drinks. These totally make getting up at 8 A.M. or pulling an all-nighter a little more bearable. If you are like me, though, coffee is just not your favorite. I recommend the Shaken Sweet Tea, it gives you a good amount of caffeine and let’s face it, it tastes amazing.

2) Leggings or yoga pants. If you are anything like me, these are part of your everyday attire. They keep you warm and cozy during classes, and will keep you comfy during your finals.

3) Healthy snacks. Healthy food will help your brain stay focused when studying, and you won’t have to worry about hitting the gym later! Trail mix, granola bars, and fruit will keep you satisfied and focused on the task ahead.

4) A warm sweater or jacket. Most classrooms will be cold during testing time. In order to stay warm and focused, bring along a comfy jacket, hoodie, or sweater. I would go with a jacket because they are easier to take off if you get to warm while taking your final.

5) Index cards. These are life savers. Making index cards with content from your class on them and quizzing yourself goes a long way. It’s an easy way to study and it helps you memorize the information. I usually include the term, definition, and why it’s significant.

6) Highlighters. I found that highlighting key phrases or words in your notes helps when you go back and study. If you are obsessed with color coding your notes like I am, get a multi-color highlighter pack and make your notes stand out in a fun and colorful way!

7) Water bottle. Staying hydrated is a must when it comes it studying. I prefer my Camelback water bottle because of the retractable straw and its handle for easy transportation. If your professor allows water bottles during finals, I would definitely bring one. It is makes a huge difference and helps you stay refreshed during your exams.  

8) A good study spot. Yes, everyone loves staying in bed while studying, but I have come to find I am not very productive. I always end up taking a nap, turning on the TV, or staring out into space. Find someplace quiet where you can sit and study. Whether it be at your desk, in the library, or at the nearest Starbucks, do not try to study in your bed.

9) Headphones. To keep you focused and entertained, bring headphones along when studying. Build the perfect playlist for you and start studying!

10) Being positive. We can all kick finals in the butt if we just stay strong, positive, and focused. Leave post-it notes for yourself on mirrors, planners, or even in your notes to remind yourself that you got this!

Best of luck,

Jamie Lynn
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