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The presidential election of 2016 will go down as one of the most historic elections ever held in this country. From a political outsider winning the Republican nomination to the first woman being nominated by a major party, it’s no wonder this election has garnered so much attention –  both domestically and internationally. However, this election also broke another record – the candidates have been rated as the most unfavorable candidates in history to run for president. While I am ecstatic that a woman has finally been nominated by a major political party, I can’t help but feel that Hillary Clinton is not worthy to be the first female president. Here are 10 reasons why she should not be America’s first female president:

  1. She’s a liar.

Shocker? Hillary Clinton has been a career politician for 35+ years and has perfected the craft of lying. From Benghazi to Bosnia, from her emails to her claims on how she’s fought for core policies, Hillary has lied countless times throughout her lengthy career. If you have about 13 minutes of free time, I suggest watching this video, highlighting just a few instances where Hillary has lied within the last 15 years.

  1. Her email scandal.

Hillary’s email scandal has been a hot topic throughout this election. For over a year, Hillary was adamant that she had not sent or received any emails containing classified information, a claim that was later disproved. On top of that, Hillary protected herself and did not release all emails she had been asked to relinquish. How can we trust this woman to be president when she risks lives and national security out of sheer laziness?

  1. Flip flopping on positions

I understand people change their minds on issues as I personally don’t hold the same beliefs that I held five years ago. My issue with Hillary is the multiple claims she has made about fighting for certain policies throughout her career when the record tells a different story. In my opinion, she changes her position when it is politically convenient for her, which is completely different than having a change of heart.

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  1. She will say whatever she thinks the public wants to hear

Hillary is so desperate to become president that she will say anything to get elected. In order to connect with Latino voters, her team put up a post on her website titled “7 things Hillary has in common with your abuela.” This post led to the trending hashtag #NotMyAbuela which consisted of the public reminding Hillary that her experiences cannot be connected to those of Latinos in America. In another attempt to connect with black voters, during an interview with radio show “The Breakfast Club,” she said she carried hot sauce in her bag in reference to Beyoncé’s hit song “Formation.” While it’s been proven she carries hot sauce with her, this was still seen as pandering to the black vote.

  1. “I don’t recall.”

In trials with the FBI over her private email server, Hillary kept reciting “I don’t recall” in response to questions on a range of topics. While we can’t actually prove whether or not she recalled certain events, I certainly do not want a president who can’t recall key details on matters of national security.

  1. Multiple failed attempts to connect with young voters.

Before the Democratic National Convention, Bernie Sanders won a record number of the millennial votes. Not only did Sanders capture a majority of the young vote, he destroyed Clinton in this demographic. Throughout this campaign, Hillary has struggled to win the young vote, and telling us to “Pokemon Go to the polls” doesn’t really help.

  1. She’s out of touch with voters.

Hillary is so out of touch with voters, she wore a $12,495 Armani jacket to a speech about inequality. The hypocrisy of this highlighted that Hillary does not understand the struggle many of her supporters go through on a daily basis, which keeps her from being relatable in the eyes of many voters.

  1. Her alarming opinions of those who disagree with her.

Recently, Hillary’s true feelings of those who are not voting for her have come to light. From calling Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” to saying Sanders supporters are people who are “living in their parents’ basement” to laughing at Madeline Albright’s comment about “a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”, it seems as if Hillary does not care for those whose ideas are not in line with hers. In an election as close as this one, I would not recommend insulting those whose votes she desperately needs to win the White House.

  1. Overplaying the woman card.

Aside from wholeheartedly admitting that she was playing the woman card, Hillary is also selling a woman card on her website. Being the first female nominated by a major party does not make me more inclined to giver her my vote. I don’t give my vote to someone just because we were born the same gender.  I really wish other women would follow this principle.

  1. Rigged election

Even before this election took off, there was controversy over the super delegate system. Some believe this system guaranteed Hillary the nomination from the start, and the constant disparity between votes and the number of delegates Bernie Sanders received throughout the primary season is a testament to that. On top of this, Wikileaks released thousands of DNC and Clinton emails showing that the DNC had worked against him, proving the primary was rigged in Hillary’s favor.

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Hillary Clinton does not deserve the title of first female President of the United States, and I know I am not the only woman in America who feels this way. Her past scandals speak volumes as to why she should not be trusted in the highest office in the land, as well as to how she will treat her tenure in office. We don’t need her jeapordizing the chance of other women becoming president in the near future, like what happened in Great Britain, where there was a 30-year gap between Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May. Even if Hillary Clinton was not a woman, I still would not be voting for her due to the sheer amount of outright lies she’s been involved in throughout her life as a public servant. Hillary Clinton does not represent me, and I’m not with her.

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