As a wise man once said, CPAC is the happiest time of the year for conservatives in this great nation we call home. March 2nd cannot get here fast enough! Have you registered for the event yet? If you’re still on the fence, here are ten more reasons to go to CPAC, as if you needed more!

1. The candidates

While the candidate pool has significantly dwindled since we had, at one point, a whopping 17 candidates on the GOP side, we can still expect a great candidate showing at CPAC this year. There will certainly be some appearances of remaining candidates (as of mid-February) and we can probably expect cameo appearances from candidates that have ended their campaigns for this election cycle.

2. The exhibit hall

One of the most exciting parts of CPAC is the abundance of organizations, groups, and outlets that set up booths convention style. I love going around, sampling different booths, meeting new people, and picking up lots of conservative swag.  There will undoubtedly be more booths that you’ll feasibly be able to explore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

3. Networking

CPAC is truly a once in a lifetime, or once in a year, chance to network with other strong, passionate conservatives who love the Republican Party and love this country, just like us! You’ll meet amazing people at CPAC and the networking will come naturally. Be prepared to trade lots of business cards.

4. Job and career opportunities

One of the best parts of CPAC for college-aged conservatives is the job fair held during the weekend! Where else are you going to be able to walk into a room full of employers who hold the same beliefs you do and want to hire you? Take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to find your career, and don’t forget to pack a few resumes!

5. The excitement in the air

There is no way to describe in words the amount of excitement in the air at CPAC, especially since this is an election year! Everyone is excited to be at CPAC, and there is a nearly palpable buzz of excitement that constantly reverberates across National Harbor the entire time of the conference. It’s impossible to explain well, but I promise you’ll feel it once you are there! Conservatives are full of passion for conservatism, and you can feel it in the air.

6. Participation in the polls

One of the most tangible results of CPAC is the annual straw poll. Last year, I overheard people on the train out of DC talking about the CPAC straw poll results, and they hadn’t even attended the conference!  Who will win in this crucial election year? You’ll get to cast your vote and be part of those results!

7. Fellow young conservatives

Where else are you going to mind like-minded, Right-leaning young conservatives? Unless you’re lucky enough to go to a very conservative college, you are probably desperately seeking young conservative company, and you’ll find plenty of it at CPAC. CPAC is further proof that the Republican Party is not a bunch of old white men, because the youth certainly come out for CPAC!

8. Food and Drinks

There is no shortage of good food and drinks around National Harbor and during the event.  While you may spend your day darting back and forth to Starbucks to satisfy caffeine cravings, at night you’ll be able to explore amazing eateries in the local area that you’ll be talking about for days to come! The College Republican National Committee also usually rents out a local venues during CPAC where you can get food and drinks and meet some of the candidates. You won’t want to miss that! Register for these exclusive College Republican events HERE.

9. Book Signings

If you’re a book loving conservative like myself, the sound of a signed conservative book is like music to your ears! CPAC is bursting at the seams with great conservative authors. Last year, I got to meet Katie Pavlich there, and my signed copy of Assault and Flattery is one of my prized literary possessions.  Since this is an election year, I am sure there will be even more authors on the ground at National Harbor, ready to sell you their books and sign them for good luck!

10. FFL

Wait, did I mention #FFLatCPAC? If the previous nine reasons didn’t convince you, this one should! That’s right. FFL will be on the ground at CPAC! Many cabinet members and contributors will be there, along with our fearless founder, Amanda Owens.  You’ll be able to find us looking absolutely adorable in our FFL gear and working an FFL booth, where you’ll be able to pick up some FFL gear in person and talk to us!

 So what are you waiting for? Register for CPAC today!

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