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Break ups are a part of life, but they’re almost never easy – we all know that.  As hard as it might be, it’s best to have yourself a good little cry, then focus on the positives in your life and try to move on.  We have gathered the 10 things you should do after a break up… and it doesn’t include texting him.

1) Eat some ice creamgiphy (3)


2) Call your best friendsgiphy (4)


3) Watch romantic comedies and cry a little

giphy (5)


4) Realize that boys aren’t worth your tears



5) Go out and have fun with your best friends #GIRLSQUAD

giphy (6)


6) Create an Elle Woods mind set of success



7) Work hard and be yourself

giphy (7)


8) Enjoy your independence



9) Move on

giphy (8)


10) Keep smiling


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