As I’ve gotten into my twenties, I’ve become much more aware of something my family seemed to do without me ever noticing it: hosting. Whether it’s a dinner party, an out-of-town visitor, or simply afternoon tea, there is a fine art to hosting. Practice makes perfect, and everyone hosts differently, but I’ve quickly discovered there are a few things you can keep around the house to better prepare for future hosting opportunities. 

Extra wine glassesWe all have our favorite wine glass, right? But what happens when 12 people come for dinner? It’s best to have some extras on hand. 

Place-matsWhile I have always used place-mats for most meals, having them on hand when hosting can help things come together nicely without much effort. They keep things clean and can also help an unconventional seating arrangement feel more classy. 

At least one extra set of towels Don’t expect your guests to bring their own when visiting. Because they’ll forget, and it’ll be awkward. Buy an extra set or two to keep ready for surprise guests. Keep them somewhere you can get to them quickly. 

Wine on hand and readyOne of the biggest tips someone gave me about hosting is to always have a bottle of wine on hand and ready. Sure, if you don’t drink alcohol, adjust as necessary, but if you do, buy some extra wine next time you’re at the store and keep it either chilled or room-temp and ready to pull out when your guests just drop by. 

Plentiful seatingNo one wants to guests sit on the floor, right? But we also don’t have endless room in our homes for storing lots of chairs, couches, and stools. I know I don’t at least. But, I still want to be able to entertain. Therefore, stack-able seating is a must. 

Cloth napkinsNot only are they eco-friendly, they look classy. Don’t make your guests use paper towels, and be sure to have enough to go around. 

A multi-function bottle opener or corkscrewNothing ruins a party faster than realizing nobody has a corkscrew. Keep a multi-function one on hand with a corkscrew and a bottle opener in one, and you’ll be set. 

A good playlist and speakersHaving a go-to hosting playlist makes hosting a breeze. No more stressing, just hit one button and let it play. Bonus points for Bluetooth speakers that others can control if necessary. Your TV will work too! 

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A vaseI hate when someone brings flowers for the host and they end up stuck in a re-purposed pitcher. Keep a vase on hand for those hostess gifts. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to fill it up the rest of the time too. 

Serving traysThese are far from essential, but if you have the room, they can really brighten up a hosting experience. Use them to lay out desserts, to put together a little “welcome platter” in the guest room, or to serve some beverages. 

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