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This is it folks, the final Presidential Debate of the 2016 election season has come and gone. It’s been a season full of surprises, that’s for sure. We started out with a debate stage full of passionate individuals and it has all come down to last night. Debates can get a little crazy, especially when you’re trying to get your #DebateWithFFL tweets in, so let’s recap what happened on that stage in Las Vegas last night.

  1. Trump says he’ll keep us in suspense about accepting the results of the election
    Let’s be honest, this is the moment that everyone will be talking about after last night. Among all the talk of rigged systems, Donald Trump refused to pledge that he will accept the outcome of the election and ultimately concede if things don’t work out in his favor on November 8th. He instead contradicted what those around him have been saying and replied with “we’ll see what happens”.

  2. We got to see a debate full of substance and real issues
    Unlike debates in the past, this one didn’t revolve around cheap shots and incoherent yelling. While those things definitely weren’t completely eliminated, the debate last night did cover a wide range of topics including the Supreme Court, abortion, gun control, immigration, and debt and entitlements.

  3. Trump grills Hillary on partial birth abortions
    Near the beginning the debate, discussions about Roe v. Waid broke out between the candidates. Trump reminded America of the horrors of partial birth abortion saying “you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother” while Hillary defended “a woman’s right to choose”. Trump insisted that he would appoint pro-life justices and that if Roe v. Waid were to be overturned, the states could then make decisions on abortion.

  4. Trump always whines about a “rigged system” when he loses
    In discussing the legitimacy of this election, Hillary points out that Trump is quick to assume a contest is rigged when things don’t go his way. She cited several incidents where he has done so including the Iowa primary and an Emmy award.

  5. Both Foundations took a hit
    Trump used the Clinton Foundation to point out that Hillary has taken money from foreign donors who disrespect women and he called for her to return the money she received from them. Hillary fought back saying that Trump’s foundation uses donations to pay for portraits of Donald and to settle lawsuits.

  6. Hillary challenges American Exceptionalism
    While on the defensive, Hillary brought up Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”. She then made the comment ”I wonder when he thought America was great.”

  7. Trump stays consistent on immigration
    When asked about immigration, Trump fought hard and called out Hillary’s amnesty plan as a disaster. He called for border security, deportation of illegal immigrants, a more efficient immigration system, and ultimately defended his plan to build a wall. Hillary claimed that she didn’t want to break up families. Of course he couldn’t help but interject a his unfiltered humor by saying “we have some bad hombres here and we’re gonna’ get ’em out.”

  8. Hillary “supports the second amendment”
    In a heated segment about guns, Hillary asserts that, as she has said before, she supports the second amendment but believes we need more restrictions including closing the loopholes and “making sure toddlers don’t have access to guns”. Trump shot back that she was extremely angry when anti-second amendment legislation was not passed, and then reminded everyone that he has been endorsed by the NRA.

  9. We’ve downgraded from fact checkers to “Google it!”
    As it does in every debate, the Iraq war came up. When defending her positions and bashing Trump’s original stance on foreign policy, Hillary encouraged the audience to just “Google it!”

  10. The Moderator stayed in control
    Another rare occurrence from this debate is that Chris Wallace held his own and was in control for the majority of the debate. While there was some yelling over each other, Chris did a fantastic job of reeling them back in and staying focused on issues. Furthermore, Wallace asked tough questions to both parties, giving us the most informative debate to date.

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