Last year, while trying to find myself, I discovered this magical ideology called feminism. I was so excited about the profound statements and empowerment I could promote through my newfound label. As the year progressed, I found the “He For She” campaign and thought it was incredible. At the time, I believed that it promoted unity like none other, so I jumped right on board. I admired Emma Watson and her take on bridging the gap between men and women on this overly-stigmatized issue. I also loved that her focus was set on working with the United Nations, which meant helping solve the real issues women face around the world, such as genital mutilation and breast ironing. During this year of modern feminism I learned quite a few things first hand.


1. Tumblr is the unhinged feminist nation  

Near the beginning of my feminist experience, I tried talking to many different people who identified that way to find out their takes on particular issues. Almost all of them directed me to Tumblr pages, in which I began drowning myself in leftist activism. This was a side of feminism I had not seen before, nor agreed with. Many of those Tumblr activists spent all of their time and efforts promoting acceptance unless you’re a Christian, or don’t agree with their ideology. They also took everyday situations, and attempted to make them all sexist. If a man even thought about opening the door or paying for a meal, he epitomizes the patriarchy. Tumblr breeds the extremists in feminism, which gives the entire movement a bad name.

2. People take your conservatism less seriously

Because of the extremists in this movement, the entire idea of feminism holds a leftist stigma about man-hating, hairy-legged, abortion-loving women. This is not necessarily representative of all people who identify as feminists, but they have become the majority because of Tumblr, which encourages these radical ideas. When people see the word feminism, they see the stigma attached, and as a Republican, that is opposite of what you want people to see you as.

3. Feminism is not about women anymore

Feminism has become a melting pot for every extreme idea to come out and be promoted. Instead of women, the main agenda for most feminists includes gay rights, transgender promotion, promiscuous sex, and abortion. This isn’t what feminism was intended to be, nor what feminism should stand for. This has become more about the agenda for the radical liberals than having anything to do with women and the current worldwide issues involving them.

4. Many don’t care about the worldwide women’s issues

When women in America start to actually focus on women’s issues, it becomes about “rape culture” and campaigns such as “free the nipple.” Third-wave feminism should instead be focused on dealing with current worldwide women’s issues such as genital mutilation, breast ironing, and the girls who don’t even have the right to go to school.

5. Most feminists think they deserve respect just because they are female

Many women in this current movement believe that they deserve respect and admiration from everyone simply because they were born a woman. Men and women alike have to work for the respect given to them. They both have to earn their way through life, and work hard to reach their goals. No one, no matter gender, age, race, or religion, should expect respect and success handed to them. This specific idea plagues feminism currently, with a sense of entitlement that is breeding a continuously more radical feminist wave.


After trying to identify with feminism, while also consistently defending my conservative ideals, I decided this current feminist movement just wasn’t for me. The people I met during my experience were more close-minded and judgmental than anyone I have ever met before, which shocked me as they constantly preach “tolerance” and “acceptance.” My phase as a third-wave feminist was short-lived, and I am at peace with that.

Kaitlynn C
FFL Contributor