Overwhelmed and overworked? As conservative, college women, this is often our regular routine. We have deserved a relaxing spring break, especially before summer begins and we rock our summer internships in D.C. Take this time to organize your belongings and focus on things that matter. We can easily forget that our belongings have been accumulating over the last few, cold months of winter, especially those of us who are graduating this spring and have been overloaded with responsibilities that consume our little bit of free time. A habit I have gotten into is to donate one item for every new one I get. My local thrift store benefits my church, for example; it is always a good day to give to someone in need. Adopting this mentality encourages a healthy relationship with ourselves, fosters self- discipline, and reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for. We all need more time for things that matter, like being stronger, well-informed conservatives! Here are ten things to let go of for spring cleaning.

Various mugs from your huge mug collection

You really only need a few. Embrace your favorites and part with those that don’t represent who you are anymore. You don’t want to forget about your favorite Rand Paul mug just because you have been too occupied using all the mugs that are in front of it on the shelf.

Clothing with logos from past engagements

My number one piece of advice is to purge your closet of clothing that represents someone you were in the past. While it may be convenient to keep a shirt or two from your high school sports team to sleep in, anything beyond that is unnecessary. Past engagements made you who you are today, but there are more to come. Enjoy those articles when the time is right and make room for your new opportunities in the future!

The cute sweater you think you will wear but never do

At least for me, there is that one cute sweater I keep hanging up in my closet, but never actually wear. Ideally, it looks nice with various outfits, but just never gets warn for one reason or another. Donate it and let someone else enjoy it. You know you will not.

The outfit that doesn’t fit anymore but you can’t get rid of it because you’re nostalgic

Whether it be a dress you wore to a fancy event with a significant other or a shirt you received for your birthday, if it does not fit, take a photo and move on.

Your bad diet

This one goes without saying. It’s already spring break; it is time to assess how those New Year’s Resolutions are going. The cold months definitely merit some comfort food, but it is never too late to consider a move to a healthier diet.

Social media in general

Not only is it critical to clean up your online presence for future employment endeavors, but limiting your time spent on Twitter and Instagram is beneficial all around. You will have more time to enjoy your immediate surroundings and read more.

The piece you love so much that it is too beat-up to be worn in public

We all have a couple favorite, go-to looks. We have loved these looks for so long that they have begun to lose their luster. For me, it is my Reagan Bush ’84 crewneck. It may be best to designate this as an at-home look only or to invest in a new one; nothing good comes from wearing a worn out outfit in public. While it may show your enthusiasm, it won’t show you off in the best way.

Exercise clothes that you don’t actually like or use

The days of going to class in yoga pants are over. Do you actually need four pairs of Lululemon sweats, when just one or two will suffice? From my experience, it is much more rewarding to choose a couple workout outfits to cherish and prioritize than to juggle the various colors and styles that all of your exercise clothes entail. I find it motivating to wear a super cute, favorite outfit rather than ones that are only half-decent. It is time to part with those pieces you have only been holding onto ‘just in case.’

Books you haven’t read that take up useful room in your collection

Everyone conservative girl loves a polished bookshelf. Display your best conservative reads and donate the others that aren’t. I love letting the Federalist Papers be a room decoration; it is a great conversation starter. Donate your less favorite works and give someone else the joy of learning about conservatism.

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Your negative attitude

This is certainly the most important component to spring cleaning. Focus on being more optimistic. After all, we have all worked tirelessly to create incredible opportunities for ourselves. Leave the negativity and complaints in the winter and choose rather to embrace the last few weeks of the school year.

Simplicity is key. It is never too late to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Not only does donating the items you no longer need help someone less fortunate, but it also helps you clear up room for the things that mean the most to you!

Kelly H