Those high achieving women you see who are out there kicking you know what and taking names have mastered the art of being intentional with their time. No matter how you define success, most of us can agree that one of the most important things is creating a life that works well for you. As John C. Maxwell, a internationally recognized leadership expert says, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” Be purposeful with your time and find the things that work best for you.

1) Waking up earlier

Early risers usually have well established sleep routines. Getting the recommended amount of sleep does wonders for your mental, emotional and physical well-being. While becoming a morning person can be hard to do at first, ease yourself into it by starting off easy. Start by waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than you usually do and gradually increase. Use the early start to your day to eat breakfast, have some quiet time, set goals or read.

2) Making time for yourself

Picture a racehorse. Say you are a trainer gearing up for a huge competition. You force the racehorse to run and practice nonstop for weeks on end leading up to the competition. How can you expect the horse to perform to the best of its ability if it is exhausted and run down? You have to take time to take care of the racehorse if you want it to do well. The horse can’t just keep going, and neither can you. Make time to do the things that make you happy and have “me time.” You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll also see better results from yourself.

3) Challenging yourself

The difference between who you are and who you want to be, lies in what you do and the changes you make. If something doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Don’t settle for mediocre any longer. Reach for those things you once never thought you could do before. Accept the challenges that come your way. Aim to thrive. Remember, comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing truly magnificent ever grows there.

4) Staying healthy – physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Yes, physical exercise is very important to our healthy, but just because someone goes to the gym 4 times a week doesn’t make them healthy. Mental and emotional health go hand in hand with our physical health. Mental and emotional health reflect how you feel about yourself, how you meet demands in your everyday life and how you cope with problems you face.

5) Being financially savvy

Being financially savvy allows you to make choices. Managing your finances not only allows you to do the necessary everyday things like paying bills and providing for yourself, but also planning for retirement, looking after loved ones, managing liabilities, paying off debts and much more.

6) Setting goals and tracking progress

 What is it you want to achieve? Successful individuals often will write down what it is that they are planning to do. They make a plan on how to get there. It is best to include ways to monitor and track your progress in order to see any potential hurdles you may need to brace and adjust for.

7) Not shying away from change

Change can be scary and hard, but we realize how strong we are and learn more about ourselves when we are put situations we didn’t anticipate. Change is one of those things we can always expect. Don’t let fear take over when you feel a shift about to occur. The new change in your life may turn out to be exactly what you never knew you needed.

8) Making To Do lists

Prioritize tasks from most important to least. Focus on one thing at a time. Get the most important tasks out of the way. This will allow you to get things off of your plate and make time for the things you want to do. Update your to-do list and visualize the week’s success.

9) Saying no

Protect your time. Learn to say no to the things that aren’t good for you. Taking on too much is something that is hard to overcome. It is important to know your limits. Quality over quantity will always be essential.

10) Staying focused

We live in a multi-tasking, fast pace world. At any given moment, we can find ourselves with what feels like fifteen million things going on. Just think if we were to focus on one thing at a time and not getting distracted by the noise, how much more productive we would be. Maybe listening to music helps you focus, or drinking tea while working. Find what it is that helps you to focus and stick with it.

Above all, get in the habit of being unapologetically you. Allow for adjustments in the areas of your life that you aren’t happy with and expand from there. Make this be your year of growth, happiness, learning and improving.

Ann-Hunter C
FFL Cabinet Member