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I went to the very first Young Women’s Leadership Summit hosted by Turning Point USA in Chicago two years ago. I don’t think I have been to a conference that has been more effective in lighting a fire beneath me without information overload and also allowed free time and fun. Here are ten things every woman has the opportunity to get out of this year’s YWLS. 

  1. Friendships

I don’t know how many girls have left this conference with a new best friend or two but I can say it’s a lot. I met so many girls at YWLS that I keep in contact with today. One of my very best friends and I met at YWLS.  

Tip: Meet as many people as you can at these events. Do not walk past someone who is sitting alone. Always introduce yourself and invite them along.

  1.  Role Models

Listening to speakers can give you new role models. You will hear from great people that everyone looks up to. Don’t discount less known speakers – many who are truly hidden gems. At my first YWLS, I immediately took to Elisha Krauss who was this spunky, straight-forward woman who worked her way up from an intern at Fox News.

Tip:  Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to someone. These people are at this conference because they are grateful for your support and want to see you succeed,

  1. A Trip Somewhere New

One thing I have always loved about Turning Point USA conferences is that they give you free time. With the many opportunities I’ve had with TPUSA, I’ve been able to see cities like Chicago and West Palm Beach. They’ve held conferences in Dallas, D.C., and Orlando as well as taking students to CPAC. When they give you that time to go explore, do it. Please maintain the buddy system rule and don’t do anything you shouldn’t be doing.

Tip: Shuttles are your friend but Uber is your bestie.

  1. Activism Ideas

Turning Point USA activists and staff are among some of the most passionate and creative. With their various movie screenings to drowning the debt with dunk tanks, free speech balls, to hosting awesome speakers, TPUSA does a lot. You will walk away with a list of activism ideas to bring to your campus.

Tip: Connect with other activists and ask what they have done on campus. Talk about what works and doesn’t work.

  1. Materials

TPUSA is good about coming out with new swag. They have new posters, pins, handouts, and posters every few months. I still have pins in my suitcase from when I went to Chicago over two years ago because they sent me home with so much fun stuff.

Tip: Find a way to get in touch with your field director there or develop a relationship with them because they could be a reference for your internship or job!

  1. A New Wardrobe

Chances are that you bought some cute new clothes to debut at YWLS. Get your wallet ready, because there will be things you can buy at the summit. That’s right, Turning Point USA with have a booth at YWLS but so will Future Female Leaders!

Tip: Great place to get gifts of fun activism tee’s!

  1. New Ideas

There will be so many new “light bulb” moments. These speakers bring so many new ideas. They word them in such a way where it just resonates with you in a way that it hasn’t before.


  1. Internship Opportunities

You will meant a ton of people who you can network with, many of whom have had a previous internship or know where there is one available. Introducing yourself to important people can also land you an internship.

Tip: Have a business card.

  1. Job Opportunities

Are you a college senior? Congrats, you’re at a conference of wonderful opportunities. Even if you’re a freshmen, sophomore, or junior, there are jobs for you as well.

Tip: It helps if you’re the one establishing the chapter and get to know your field reps for more information.

  1. A new profile picture with one of your idols.

Let’s be real, you’re about to get some awesome Instagram pics, Facebook profile pictures, and Twitter avi’s out of this event. You are going to run into so many of your favorite people so do not be afraid to ask for a picture with anyone.

Tip: Candids are a blessing so be that friends who snaps the candids, k? K.

Get ready, Dallas. We’re coming for you.

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