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Once a year, we spend a whole day on edge, trusting absolutely no one. April Fools’ Day is the holiday of “funny guys” and “pranksters” everywhere and it comes every April 1st. Whether you have pranks lined up for tomorrow or you’re just plotting the best way to avoid the shenanigans, there are several pranks happening right before our eyes and they aren’t funny. This race for the White House is definitely not Hillary Clinton’s first rodeo and she’s having a blast trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Her tricks are happening every day she campaigns, not just April 1st, here are ten examples.

1) Emailgate

We’re all familiar with the classic convenience excuse but, let’s be real, Hillary’s email scandal highlighted all the reasons she can’t be trusted. Hillary went out of her way to redirect government emails over a private server and then blamed it on “convenience.” Scandals like this are the reason that, in this survey, the top three words used to describe Hillary were “liar,” “dishonest,” and “untrustworthy.”

2) Champion of Women

Clinton has conducted her 2016 campaign by marketing herself as the female candidate. She claims to have the women vote in the bag and is constantly pandering to females everywhere. Hillary is sure to remind everyone that she would be the first female president, hoping to score a few points. She goes on and on about women’s rights and the “war on women,” ignoring the fact that she has little regard for women. There were questions about whether or not Hillary paid her female staffers equal wages, as highlighted in this Washington Times article, and despite all her talk, I’ve seen little progress on any front in her defense of women.

3) Benghazi

If there’s a prime example of Hillary trying to fool America, it rests in the Benghazi fiasco. Hillary spent days attempting to fool the American people into believing that the Benghazi attack was sparked by a Youtube video, rather than revealing that it was a terrorist attack.

4) Constant Flip-Flopping

Hillary changes her mind on her positions so much that no one can keep up. We’re never quite sure exactly what she believes and there’s no reason to learn because it will sway with varying popular opinion. Hillary wants America to think she has convictions and principles, but she truthfully just “believes” whatever she thinks will get her elected.

5) “Dead Broke”

When leaving the White House, Hillary announced that her and Bill were practically dead broke. Not only is it insensitive to Americans who are truly struggling while she makes six figures giving speeches, the statement was such a political move. Hillary tried to fool Americans into believing she was in financial trouble to seem relatable.

6) She’s a Wannabe Millennial

I said it before, I’ll say it again. Hillary panders to potential voters–even more so than your typical career politician. Her opponent has a big hold on the Democrat millennial vote and recently she has been trying even harder to match his success, switching her vocabulary and posing with pop stars. She’ll do anything to get votes, she proved that when she started asking to reply tweet with emojis.

7) Foreign Donations Within the Foundation

Hillary is big on championing women and advocating for the United States, but not when it comes to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary has accepted donations from multiple foreign countries. This is huge in her plot to fool America since could be facing a quid pro quo, as she condones the actions of foreign countries by accepting their money.

8) Obama 2.0

Hillary has run an entire campaign on new ideas and ways to improve our country. What she has hinted at, but never explicitly states, is that she doesn’t really have new ideas. Hillary is trying to fool Americans into thinking she’s her own candidate when truthfully, she wants to be years 9-16 of the Obama presidency.

9) Hillary Claims to Have Plenty of Experience

Hillary sells herself as being a politician who has more experience than her opponents. She cites her time as a New York Senator, First Lady, and Secretary of State and flaunts her resume like it is something to be proud of. What she isn’t saying is that she hasn’t actually done anything. Her term as Secretary of State was unproductive to say the least and she hasn’t been effective in other public roles either. Hillary wants voters to believe that she has copious amounts of experience but unfortunately, experience and jetting all over the world in pastel pantsuits just aren’t the same thing.

10) She’s Trying to Make Pantsuits a Thing

Speaking of pantsuits, Hillary is stuck on trying to make fetch (I mean pantsuits…) happen. Every public appearance, she’s always in a pantsuit, and it’s always a different color. While I appreciate modesty as much as the next girl, it’s clear that Hillary is doing her best to fool women everywhere into thinking that pantsuits are in style. Unfortunately for her, that’s an April Fools’ joke that no one is falling for.  

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