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One of the most common attacks that the left uses to degrade the pro-life movement is the claim that pro-lifers are only “pro-birth” and not really “pro-life.” As a whole, the pro-life movement needs be more active in protecting life in all stages, not just in the womb. Below are a few suggestions on how to become a more holistically pro-life advocate so you can assist in fostering a culture of life in your community and beyond.

Volunteer at your local homeless shelter

In the pro-life movement, the homeless and downtrodden are frequently forgotten about. This factor does not make their lives any less important. One great way to show those who are already marginalized by society that you care is by interaction, especially through volunteer work. While volunteering, be sure to keep a smile on your face and follow any protocol given by staff members of the shelter.

Donate blood

Did you know that approximately every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood? This is a serious reality. It can so easily be addressed by more Americans stepping up and giving what they can. There is a reason donating blood is often referred to as donating life. A single donation can save up to 3 lives. It is hard to think of anything more proactively pro-life than that. Click here to find out when and where you can donate.

Visit those in nursing homes/hospice

Unfortunately, due to the focus on abortion, pro-lifers often forget about the equally as vulnerable sick and elderly. With the legalization of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide for the terminally ill in various countries in Europe and even some states in the U.S., it is absolutely crucial that those who are elderly or ill are not forgotten. Visitations with the elderly can range from personal. This can include visiting a grandparent or aging relative, to less personal, such as signing up to volunteer. No matter what you decide to do, it demonstrates the value and dignity of all persons at all stages of life.

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Donate to disaster relief funds

In the wake of one of the worst hurricane seasons in history, this suggestion is even more relevant than ever before. Below is a list of some incredible organizations that not only save the lives of those impacted by natural disaster, but also grant clothing and shelter, therefore respecting the inherent human dignity of those affected by disaster. The missions of these organizations complement the values of the pro-life movement. Donations are indeed an act of pro-life activism.

American Red Cross

Catholic Relief Services

Heart to Heart International

Matthew 25: Ministries

Volunteer at your local hospital

While hospitals administer life saving care to those in need, not everyone has the skills to become a doctor. If you fall into the more common category of not attending medical school, do not worry; you can still assist in saving lives. Although the kinds of volunteer programs available varies from hospital to hospital, there are often opportunities for all skill levels and time commitments. These can range from the fairly simple such as helping visitors find their way in the hospital, to the more demanding duties such as cuddling opioid addicted newborns. There is always a way to help your local hospital save lives.

Offer to babysit for little to no pay

One of the primary arguments the left uses to attack pro-lifers is that we do not care what happens to the child after he is born. This is a misconception pro-life citizens need to disprove. Offering to help parents in need is a great place to start.

Buy lunch for a homeless person and eat the meal with them

Not only buy the meal for said homeless person, but also make sure you also buy something for yourself so that you can eat with him or her. Be sure to use proper judgment that the situation will be safe. As pro-life citizens of this country, we must not only fight to keep people alive, but also fight for them to live dignified lives. Pro-life activists must see each other as equals in the eyes of our Creator, regardless of a person’s current unfortunate circumstances.Enjoying a meal with a homeless person is a great place to start in humbling yourself into this truly pro-life worldview.

Donate diapers/supplies to women’s shelters

Those involved in the pro-life movement are often falsely accused of hating women. This could not be farther from the truth. A great way to demonstrate this outside of the highly contested realm of abortion is by donating supplies to women’s shelters. Oftentimes, these women have children as well. Be sure not to forget about them in your donation.

Get involved in suicide awareness and prevention       

When a person becomes suicidal due to an illness they cannot control, we are called as pro-lifers to do everything we can to assist our precious brothers and sisters in their life-threatening mental health battles. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a great place to start, The organization features amazing programs and training on how to become an effective advocate in the fight against suicide.

Be kind

The ultimate way to respect life is simply to love one another. Always be kind. That is at the core of what it means to be pro-life, respecting every living person, regardless of what stage he is at in his life. This respect truly begins with kindness.

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