Image Credits: Professor Ken Homa, Georgetown University

The 2016 election has been one heck of a ride thus far. As the race continues on, I am sure that many of us are simply waiting for it to be over. While the light at the end of the tunnel can look appealing, we will all be feeling quite differently about politics (and life in general) once the election is all over. Here are ten ways that all of us politicos will feel when we wake up on Wednesday, November 9th, 2016.

1) Relieved

No more worrying, no more stressing out, no more pressure. Just relief.



2) Disorientated

Wait, is the election really over?


3) Depressed

Post-Election Depression will definitely hit you (not to be confused with During-Election Depression).  


4) Content

No more door canvassing, phone banking, debates, election coverage, and so on. It’s all over!


5) Pleased (hopefully)

If all goes well, we will definitely be pleased with the results.

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6) Thankful

We will be grateful for all the opportunities we had this election season.


7) Confused

All our time was spent paying attention to the election, what are we supposed to do with all the free time we have on our hands now?


8) Appreciative

Certainly appreciative that the presidential election is only every four years.


9) Carefree

One less thing to worry and stress out about.


10) Relaxed

The election is finally over. All of it. Time to kick back, relax, and enjoy life again.



Rachel F