In case you missed it, the problem with conservatives taking the majority of these classes is not that we are too sensitive or delicate to talk about the issues, but because we identify as conservatives, assumptions will be made about us.  You know what they say about people who assume.  Conservatives are not close minded like so many liberals want you to think.  We’re open to hearing and learning new ideas.  The problem with many of these classes are that the people who teach or take such classes will make incorrect assumptions about any conservatives who dare walk in the room. As conservatives on college campus, we face a lot of backlash simply for that one word, conservative.  It does not matter to the left that we are interested in learning the other side and formulating better arguments from it. The Left assumes that we are homophobic, transphobic, religious zealots and that can make classes, especially very liberal classes, very difficult.

1) Feminist Theory and Feminist Art

Welcome to a class where modern feminists who think they actually have something in common with the first and second wave of feminism will constantly condemn your non-modern feminist views.   If you take this class as a conservative, be prepared for outrageous pieces of art thrust into your face.  Avoid this class if you don’t like paintings of female genitalia and prefer to not be attacked because you don’t identify with a certain word.

2) Gender, Justice, and the Environment

If this sounds like an outrageous clumping of three mostly disconnected words, I’m on your side. This course looks at the “intersection between feminist theory and environmental justice.” What? Are you serious? Last time I checked, feminists cared far more about getting free birth control than saving the trees.  The course description also includes the phrase “gendered conflicts over the meaning of sustainable development”, whatever that means.  This class sounds like a lot of modern feminist and environment through government regulation material and I can’t recommend it for any thoughtful conservative who wants to keep their brain cells.

3) Inequality in America

This sociology class is aimed at proving that there is inequality, based on its course description. It wants to study inequalities of “race, ethnicity, and gender” and asks the question “whether the United States is a land of opportunity.” Yes, it is the land of opportunity. If you think society is “unequal” here, I dare you to go to any other nation in the world and test their equality compared to ours.  If you think you don’t have opportunities here, you’re going to be very sorely disappointed elsewhere.  I highly recommend avoiding this class if you are a conservative, because the second you open your mouth to argue that America has equal opportunity not equal outcome, you’ll be shut down, berated, and probably failed.

4) Ethical and Social Issues in Bioethics

This is one of the first course descriptions I have seen that directly pitted liberalism against conservatism, as it clearly states.  This course says it will pay “special attention to issues in research and at the beginning and end of life.” This sounds like a bad place to say that you are pro-life, because you’ll be torn down as a right-wing nut job and told that you are abandoning women around the world by holding up odd moralistic standards for life.  I am automatically uncomfortable when a course description directly pits liberals versus conservatives, largely because the odds are extremely good that I am going to be the only conservative in the class. Tread carefully.

5) Gender and Transgender

Welcome to a class for what the professor describes as “an emergent field that draws on gender studies, sociology, feminist science studies, literary studies, and history.” If you aren’t sure what that means, it means that gender nonconformity is going to be thrust in your face from every aspect of academia.  If you are ousted as a conservative in this class, you’ll be ridiculed for being intolerant, transphobic, and bigoted, whether you actually are any of those things or not.

Do not be afraid to take a class because it might have a liberal bias. Show the Left you are the bigger and better person, and stay strong.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member