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We all know we could name a million things better than another Clinton presidency, especially a Hillary one. So, here is a list composed of 100 various things (in no particular order) I deem as better (by a long shot) than a Hillary Clinton presidency.

  1. Expired yogurt.

  2. Broken air conditioning during the summer in Texas

  3. Every character dying off of Grey’s Anatomy

  4. Mosquitoes

  5. Any flying insect

  6. Realizing you forgot to bring your new shampoo into the shower… after you’re already in the shower

  7. The DMV

  8. Locking yourself out of your car

  9. Burning a batch of cookies

  10. Melted ice cream

  11. No ice cream at all

  12. Rotten fruit

  13. Oversleeping

  14. Biting your tongue

  15. Giving yourself a black eye

  16. Stubbing your big toe

  17. Dieting

  18. Running out of milk

  19. Working a double shift every day of the week

  20. Your phone falling on your face while you’re laying down, browsing on your phone.

  21. Cutting your hair short

  22. Burning your tongue on your coffee

  23. Outrageous college tuition

  24. Holes in your socks

  25. Accidentally sending a screenshot of the text conversation to the person you’re complaining about.

  26. Watching the last episode of your favorite show

  27.  A pit of snakes

  28. Double dipping

  29. Cracking your phone screen

  30. Children that throw fits in public

  31. One-way streets

  32. Not having any good snacks in your house

  33. No Wi-Fi

  34. Wearing pants

  35. Curtains that don’t block light

  36. Wearing jeans with flip flops

  37. Burnt toast

  38. The day after Christmas

  39. Making New Year’s resolutions you know you won’t follow

  40. Running out of data

  41. Accidentally closing an Internet tab

  42. Gum that loses it’s flavor quickly

  43. Drinking orange juice after you brush your teeth

  44. Internet crashing

  45. Trying to cuddle with your dog but the feelings are not reciprocated.

  46. Asking for no toppings on your sandwich and receiving toppings on your sandwich

  47. Cleaning

  48. Broken promises

  49. Getting broken up with the week of your birthday

  50. Getting broken up with the day after Valentine’s Day

  51. The crowds at Black Friday sales

  52. Beaches that don’t have white sand

  53. Fruitcake

  54. Having too many stickers and not enough laptop space

  55. Waking up before noon

  56. Items you want being out of stock

  57. Writing a six page paper the night before it’s due

  58. People who have selfies as their wallpaper on their phones

  59. Cancelled plans last minute

  60. Doctor appointments

  61. Anything to do with needles

  62. Bad breath

  63. Having to get out of bed for any reason

  64. Someone else getting a promotion you deserved more

  65. Not getting your package the estimated delivery day

  66. The fact that sizes at one store are not the same size as sizes at other stores

  67. Paper cuts

  68. Animals that don’t want to love you as much as you love them

  69. Someone eating the food off your plate

  70. Not remembering a password

  71. Skunks

  72. That weird tingly feeling when your arm falls asleep

  73. White noise

  74. Trying to merge onto the Interstate and a semi is in the right lane

  75. Outrageous boutique clothing prices

  76. Scary movies that are more stupid than scary

  77. Restaurants that don’t let you refill your drinks

  78. The smell of of oranges

  79. Third-wheeling

  80. Wearing long pants when it’s raining

  81. Blind dates

  82. Getting something in your eye

  83. Pulling out your own tooth

  84. Sinkholes

  85. Being late for work

  86. Watching someone eat with their mouth open

  87. Hearing someone eat with their mouth open

  88. Buying a bag of chips and it having more air inside it than chips

  89. Hitting your hip on a counter top

  90. Crocs

  91. The smell of onions

  92. The Kardashians

  93. Olivia from last season’s The Bachelor

  94. The stickiness from spilling soda on the floor even after you tried to wipe it up

  95. The fact that people eat octopus

  96. Not being able to sleep

  97. Putting Germ-X on your hands and discovering you have a cut you didn’t know you had

  98. Crust on sandwiches

  99. Getting punched in the face seventeen times

  100. Conspiracy theories


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