It’s a new year and you know what that means—new year’s resolutions. I love goals, but I know people have a lot of mixed feelings about resolutions. Of course, you should never focus too heavily on trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way, put too much pressure on yourself to say…get married in the next year, especially if you’re not seriously dating anyone. But resolutions and goals can help you feel focused and drive your actions for the year ahead. This year, I asked several conservative women what they were resolving to do (or not do!) in 2020. My hope is to check in with these women about halfway through the year about what they’ve learned so far, and offer tips and tricks for keeping their resolutions on track. We all know it’s not easy to stay focused when life gets in the way, but I hope reading these resolutions (and the reasoning behind them) will help inspire you to better yourself in some way this year!


There are several things I hope to accomplish in 2020. I resolve to meet my reading goal, about 36 to 40 books, as I failed to meet the benchmark in 2019. I’d like to introduce more Millennials, especially women, to fishing and shootings sports—maybe even hunting!  And when not growing my business, I plan to dedicate time to continue writing human interest stories and do some original reporting on politics, conservation, and other trending topics. Oh, and to hula hoop 5 times a week. It’s a great way to maintain a svelte figure. Ha!


In 2020 I will complete my first semester of law school. 2019 was dedicated to determining what I wanted to do with my future, I had recently started a new job and was unsure about where life would take me. When I began considering law school I fell in love with the idea. After months of LSAT prep, research on schools, and soliciting advice from my peers and mentors, I am set to submit applications in the first weeks of 2020. I plan to dedicate the first half of 2020 to working out scholarship opportunities and selecting the right school for me. In the second half of 2020, I will begin school. I want to end 2020 with my first semester completed.


In 2020, I am resolving to really dedicate myself to my yoga practice. I fell hard for yoga a few months ago,but them I got lazy and mornings kept coming earlier, so I fell off the wagon a bit. But every time I go to yoga, I love it and I’m so glad I did. I need to remember how good I feel during and after each class when I’m deciding whether I want an extra half hour of sleep or not. This year, I’m going to try and give myself over to my practice with more determination and get my full headstand!


In 2020 I would like to prove myself. It sounds very vague but I want to become good at the things I’m passionate about. I want to be the best employee, I want to be a present person in times that need my attention, and I want to prove that I can do the things my mind is set to. It doesn’t matter what the goal is or whether it’s big or small, I just want to prove I can do it. This would allow me to become a better person for myself and not for others.


In 2020, my goal is to read 52 books. I read more books last year than I had in the past but wanted to continue to challenge myself now that I am settled my post- college life. The list I made of books to read has quite the variety but I am excited to tackle it.


Every year I make resolutions correlating to what year it will be, so for 2020 I made 20 resolutions. Some of these are really small things, like smiling more. Others are much bigger tasks that I want to take on. The number one goal I want to accomplish in 2020 is living a more minimalist lifestyle. In 22 years of life I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Some of it is necessary, of course, but a lot of it is just taking up space. I probably don’t need every birthday card I’ve received since the 4th grade. Leading up to New Years Eve I spent time going through all of my personal belongings and sorted them into piles (Marie Kondo style!) and did a complete overhaul. It was pretty easy for me to let go of most of this stuff. The hard part will come throughout the year, as I try to maintain this orderliness.


This year my goal is to read the bible all the way through for the first time. I attempted this a couple times when I was much younger, but lacked the discipline to complete it. 2019 was an important year in my faith journey and in 2020, I want to know Jesus more deeply and in a way that only reading the bible can provide. I plan to follow a chapter guide on my Bible app on my phone and set aside time each morning before work to complete the daily readings. I know from experience that being intentional about time with God before my day starts results in being grounded and feeling connected to my Creator for the entirety of my day. I’m looking forward to this resolution continuing to bring me further in my faith in 2020 and beyond. 


I have a hard time sticking to New Years Resolutions and stress myself out thinking about how I should really try and shake up in my life. One year I resolved to listen to more Christian Music. One year it was to work on letting go of grudges. But this year, I’m aiming more physical. I try and go to the gym regularly and watch what I’m eating, but my goal is to go at least 2-3 times a week and cut out more dairy and breads. I cook for myself now and one of the best things I can gift myself is to be both mentally and physically healthy. My advice to anyone wanting to do the same is to schedule it. Look at your next semester and write in the days you plan on going that truly fit into your sleep and schedule. And start looking at recipe alternatives. Set yourself up for success so you can achieve it.


In 2020 I resolve to read at least one book a month.  I love to read and used to read all the time, but since my car accident, it has been difficult for me to keep my concentration.  As a result, I haven’t been able to do something that I absolutely love. I’ve set my Goodreads challenge to 12 books that I’m determined to meet or even pass.  This year I’m hopeful to get back to doing things that I love after I’ve been struggling to do so for four years.


My 2020 resolution is to be more selfish. To focus on and take care of myself. I need to say no more and be more deliberate with my actions and my yes. I will say sorry less and empower myself and others. 2020 will be a year of growth, happiness, books and laughs.

Bailey S

This year my goal is to use positive self-talk. I don’t mean this in the sense of standing in front of my mirror each morning “hyping” myself up but instead not talking down mentally or physically. I’ve found that throughout the day I make light comments such as “ oh I’m so dumb”or “ yeah, I could never do that” which has subconsciously made me feel lesser and incapable of things that are easily in my reach. Instead I want to talk about myself the way I’d want someone else to, and see myself as others do; strong, smart, and capable. This small change will likely alter my entire mindset and make it easier to achieve my goals when I can be my own cheerleader. 2020 is time for positivity and positive self talk!

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Aryssa D
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