Conservative are so lucky to have such strong, beautiful, intelligent women representing us both in and out of Congress and across this great nation.  We are also so lucky as conservatives to have great authors among our ranks. So many strong conservative and Republican men and women have written best-selling books that have shaped the conservative movement to be what it is today. While conservatives are so lucky to have great authors like Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, Stacey Dash, and Katie Pavlich to represent us on the shelves, there are some conservative women that have yet to write a book, but definitely should.

1) Joni Ernst

The beloved Senator from Iowa is already making waves in the political world, and it is about time that she told her story on the pages. She’s the first female veteran to serve in Congress, and the story of her senate race is enough to fill a book or more. Joni’s memoir or a book on her political beliefs would no doubt be a best seller.

2) Diane Black

The outspoken conservative representative from Tennessee has yet to put her vibrant phrasing down in a book, but with her experience in Congress and fierce support of the pro-life movement, we have no doubt that any book she penned would highlight the value of life and sell well among conservatives.

3) KT McFarland

In this ever-changing international world, it certainly seems like the Middle East is set to stay a hot zone for years to come. Who better to write about how to handle the Middle East, and especially Iran, than security expert KT McFarland, a Fox News regular for her insightful commentary?  

4) Kelly Ayotte

The New Hampshire Senator has a fascinating story, and the first ever female Attorney General of New Hampshire no doubt could craft her compelling life in politics into a spectacular book.  Hopefully, her book would include details about her vetting as a potential running mate for Mitt Romney in 2012.

5) Susanna Martinez

Susana Martinez has been dutifully protecting the west from rampant liberalism since 2010 and in 2013, she was named one of Time’s Most Influential People. The first female Hispanic governor in the United States is already being mentioned in talks for the 2016 VP nominee, and any book by her would fly off the shelves.

6) Rachel Campos-Duffy

I first heard from Rachel Campos-Duffy last summer, and her story has stuck with me ever since. Rachel is married to Congressman Sean Duffy and is a mother of seven. Also, did I mention that she and Sean met on The Real World? This is a story that needs to be written down for the ages. How does one go from reality TV to conservative politics with grace and class? Let Rachel teach you.  While Rachel has already published a book on motherhood, we look forward to a potential book on her life since she entered the political arena full-time.  

7) Lila Rose

There will never be enough pro-life books in stores, and Lila Rose of Live Action would no doubt turn out a book that, like her nonprofit, educates America about how to create a culture of life in a world that seems to value it less and less everyday. Her stories of going undercover at abortion facilities would create a page-turner, no doubt.

8) Amanda Collins

The first time I heard Amanda Collins brave story of surviving rape and speaking out in favor of the 2nd Amendment and conceal carry, I knew it needed to be written down the generations to come. Amanda is such a brave woman and her story will inspire others to speak up, see their assailants prosecuted, and support the rights of other women to protect themselves by any means necessary.

9) Shelly Moore Capito

It’s not easy to be a woman in Congress, but Shelly Moore Capito has excelled at it. The West Virginia Senator is an ardent supporter of veterans and a book by her could possibly explore her experience as the first Republican woman ever elected to Congress in West Virginia and her over 100 pieces of legislation in Congress, a record number for a freshmen senator.  She’s done so much already, she may have to write several books!

10) Elisabeth Hasselback

It cannot be easy to be a woman in Hollywood, especially when it seems that every celebrity thinks they are a liberal for life and condemns any other star that might not agree with their point of view. A book by Elisabeth would inspire all of us college conservatives forced to survive life among the intolerant Left. If she can survive the View intact, college should be no sweat.

11) Kelli Ward

Kelli Ward is already making waves by running against long-time incumbent Senator John McCain for his Arizona seat, and we know it can’t be easy to wage a campaign to beat someone who defines establishment and even once held the Republican nomination for president. Kelli Ward’s story is intriguing, as she is a woman who went from medical school to the state senate and has her eye on Capitol Hill. 

 12) Ainsley Earhardt

With Megyn Kelly’s upcoming book, I started thinking about the interesting lives and stories of so many of the anchors we watch every day. Ainsley is one of those anchors, a long-time journalist, married to a former Clemson quarterback, and out fighting for conservatism across America. No doubt she has amazing stories about her interviews and time at Fox News.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member