While we should all strive for healthy work-life balance, it is a simple fact that if you work an office job, you’ll probably spend a good amount of time at your desk.  It doesn’t have to be a drag though. There are some items that can make your desk job a hundred times better, make you more comfortable, and keep you organized and on track to be the best you possibly can be. Here are twelve items designed to make your work life a little better and help you thrive in your new office environment.

A calendar or plannerDon’t forget those important meetings or have to rely on a phone or computer calendar for everything.

A nice candle that isn’t overwhelmingTo soothe you and keep the office smelling nice, but don’t be that overwhelming office mate that gives everyone a headache.

A cushion for support

Don’t let your sciatic nerve flare up or hurt your butt from sitting in a chair all day

An extra charger for your most-used deviceWhether that’s an iPhone, an Android, an iPad, a Kindle, whatever, have an extra charger at work so you don’t have to rely on yourself to lug one back and forth.

A supportive mouse pad
These are life savers if you’re using a desktop computer.

An organizing rack
You don’t want your folders and pencils and notecards and stapler rolling all over your desk, out of control, so organize them!

A thumb driveSome files are just too big to transfer over email, and honestly, you never know when you’ll need a thumb drive. I always keep one on my keychain just in case. Shoot for one at least 8GB or bigger to be safe.

A business card organizerAs a young professional, you’ll get a lot of business cards and you’ll want somewhere to store them so you can easily access them.

An eccentric coffee mug

Cut back on your daily waste by eschewing the throwaway cup and add some of your own personality to your office.

A coffee mug warmerDoes it take you too long to drink your coffee that you have to reheat it several times? Invest in a cheap coffee warmer that can plug into your computer or office area and save that walk to the kitchen.

A picture that makes you smile in a nice framePeople have differing opinions on how much you should share about your personal life at work, but a picture of your family or your friend or your pet can help keep you smiling at work and make you look like a real human and not a robot.

A decorative but useful pen and pencil holderYou don’t want to be the woman who can’t find a pen on her desk.

A mini-emergency kitThis kits are great for working women and come equipped with things like a sewing kit, lip balm, antiseptic wipes, double-sided tape, clear nail polish, a tampon, and more.

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Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member