Freshman year of college is a fun and exciting time. Whether you’re going across the country or just a few miles from your hometown, there is so much to experience and discover. While many say freshman year is scary and intimidating, it really is just something different that you’ll learn to love. The first few months can be challenging, but once you learn the ropes, you’ll look back and realize that there was nothing to be nervous about. Here are some crucial pieces of advice I picked up along the way.

1) Coffee will save your life.


If you don’t like it now, learn to love it or at least some other beverage with caffeine in it. You won’t truly realize how much you need it until you have to pull multiple all-nighters during finals week.


2) Your major doesn’t define you. 


Pursue what you’re passionate about and the rest will fall into place. Not everyone is cut out to be an engineer, doctor, or lawyer.


3) Focus less on guys, and more on grades.


College is not about meeting your future husband and you probably won’t get a ring by the spring, anyway. You’re in school to get a degree and work your butt off. Finding a husband should not be your first priority.


4) Be careful on social media.


Never post a picture on social media you wouldn’t want your grandma to see. Future employers will stalk your social media, so it is not worth risking your reputation just for the likes.


5) Be picky with the boys you let into your life.


Don’t waste your time on boys who don’t see your worth. Your four years of college is the time to be as selfish as you possibly can. It’s better to be single than be with someone who doesn’t think you are the best thing since sliced bread.


6) Go to class.


Just because a professor does not take attendance, does not mean you should constantly skip. Your professors will notice when you do not attend class and you are spending way too much money just to sleep an hour later.


7) Get involved.


Get as involved as you can and build your resume up as much as possible. The job market is competitive and it is never too early to start networking and gaining experience in your future career field. You are never “too good” for a job, remember that.


8) Stay positive.


Learn to love yourself even on your worst days. There are going to be days when you just want to lay in bed and watch every episode of Grey’s Anatomy where your favorite characters die. Whether you’ve had a tough week, miss home, or had a fight with a friend, learn to accept your disappointment and move past it. It will be hard some days, but every day is a new day!

9) Make friends with the girls in your dorm hall.


These people will quickly become your best friends and avoiding them is just causing you to miss out. From late night fast-food run partners to a shoulder to cry on, these are the people who will make your college experience so much more memorable


10) Don’t be afraid to grow as a person.


Who you were in high school is not who you have to be in college. Your style and outlook on life will inevitably change. Just always remember where you come from and your morals. It’s okay to grow up and evolve–that’s normal! Just try not to completely lose yourself.



11) Learn how to study. 


Just because you did not have to study in high school does not mean it will be that way in college. You’re going to have to learn how to actually study and get used it to because you will spend a lot of time in the library. Grades will not come easy and while GPA isn’t everything, it is important to work your absolute hardest.


12) Have fun.


These are the best four years of your life and probably your last four years of having a lot of free time. Enjoy everything that’s coming your way you’ll love it.

Robin K
FFL Contributor
Robin is a lover of Taylor Swift, Alabama football, Jesus, Chick-Fil-A sauce, and the GOP. She can be found flipping between ESPN, Fox News, and Bravo while tweeting endlessly.

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