As young conservative women, it is important for us to have role models within the movement. Lucky for us, there are so many amazing women to look up to. Here are some of the women role models within the conservative movement and why young women find them inspiring.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett

“I love Amy Coney Barrett in that she’s both a successful lawyer, professor, mom, and now Supreme Court Justice- everything that a true feminist wishes she could be!” – Lela Gallery, 19

“Her commitment to family and especially adoption while still reaching the highest level of law attainable in the country. I love how she shows that law, careers, and success are important, but not the most important. I also love law and am really passionate about foster care and adoption so we were just a perfect match.” – Sarah Beddingfield, 17

“Justice Barrett denies the left’s lie that mothers cannot achieve great career goals. She has 7 kids and now serves on the highest court of the nation. Justice Amy was graceful and elegant with a touch of sass while the left questioned her life choices. She stood strong and holds her beliefs strongly. She is the type of woman I hope to be; graceful, strong, and capable.” -Grace Klassen, 20

Condoleeza Rice

“Aside from her work as a diplomat, Secretary of State, and the first female National Security Advisor, Rice is extremely educated and well-rounded in politics and as a person. I find her perseverance to get through the times of Jim Crow Laws to the 9/11 terrorist attacks inspiring. I also find that her leadership style unites not only the Republican Party but the American public as she said, ‘The essence of America- that which really unites us- is not ethnicity or nationality or religion- it is an idea- and what an idea it is: that you can come from humble circumstances and do great things.’” -Bella Bravin, 20

Dana Perino

“Dana Perino is such a role model in the way she carries herself. Not only is she intelligent, well-spoken, and hardworking, but she carries herself with grace and strength (as we might say at FFL, class with a little bit of sass!). I also find her political commentary refreshing, insightful, and fair. As someone interested in the communications field, I definitely see her as an example in the field — in both what she does, and how she does it.” -Liana Imparato, 21

Ivanka Trump

“Ivanka Trump is my role model because she is a woman that does it all! She ran a very successful business, became a political advisor, and is a mother. She teaches the importance of woman being economically literate, something most people struggle with. I also admire her being on Forbes “40 Under 40” List which, I think, is a goal everyone should have.” -Savanna Kaczynski, 17

Kayleigh McEnany

“She is confident enough in her beliefs and identity in Christ to stand up for what she believes in and continue speaking the truth in the face of criticism and personal attacks. She is proof that you can be a loving mom and have a successful career.” -Reagan Tapley, 23

“First of all, she’s accomplished so much for a 32-year-old. Kayleigh has worked extremely hard over the years to reach her goals, and her example lets young conservative women know that they have the ability to do the same in whatever avenue they choose.” -Reagan Havel, 17

Nikki Haley

“Nikki Haley shows such a great balance between family and career. She is strong, successful, but constantly makes time for her husband and kids. That means so much to women like me who believe in a strong family unity, but also want to be successful in their career path.” -Danielle Edwards, 21

“She is a strong, smart, and confident woman that never compromises on her beliefs. She fights for what she believes in. She stands for strong morals and values.” -Madeline Hoppenrath, 18

“What is not to like about her? She stood up to the UN with grace and poise. Her stories as a child are inspiring. She faced hardships as a child, including being an Indian-American woman in South Carolina. As a minority and female conservative, she inspires me that no matter who you are, you can do anything. She is strong in her faith with her strong family.” -Francesca Floresca, 24

“She is a wonderful example of what it means to be a classy conservative. Through her public service and personal actions, she has shown what it means to lead with the interests of our country at heart, while not compromising her personal integrity or classy nature. She is truly an inspiration for all young women who seek to lead with grit and grace!” -Catriona Fee, 19

Rose L